Krisston Plass Moon I Retreat Planet VI

Further Location descrption

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    Silmarwen was currently in the top floor penthouse level of the retreat moving to take up new residence at her new home. She was looking inside her new walk in closet that was filled to the brim with shoes, boots, skirts, wristbands, necklaces, diamond studded collars. The lights seemed to come on as she moved from room to room in the suite. Though right now she was looking over her new outfit choices. The sonic shower this morning had been a new experience as well. The elf picked out a nice diamond studded collar necklace and a white jump suit with an open backline for her wings The legs of the jumpsuit were 70’s flared and the top half simply had two straps that tied around Silmas next. She threw on a pair of clear slippers unsure of what the heals were made out of but they would work. Silvery wings would flutter as she moved out of the closet and called “Lights out”. The room dimmed and the elf headed out her room door.

    Much like the rest of the place the doors were automated and opened with motion sensors. “Lock” she spoke to it and then turned to take the glass bubble elevator down to the main level.

    There were bell boys and npc staff in red hotel suits wandering all over the resort. She knew that they were hologram workers, programs that could be touched, spoken to and interacted with, but they looked so real. Even the vineyards she’d seen from the upper suite had an automated watering system, soil filtration and temperature control. Once the doors to the main lobby gave a soft “ding” and opened her glass heels stepped out onto the roman tile floor. There was a lobby, portal opening in the wall where she could see Twine on the other side. The entrance to the lobby cafe could be access and the shuttle pad leads came off another run  way pad. Looking out the front doors of the retreat she could see the retreats own passenger shuttles sitting idle on a few of the landing pads out front. She had a few small ships for space exploration. Qahnaarin had thought of everything. She wasn’t going to be lacking for any resources really. The resort ran off large space solar panels that lined up like a field outside the dome on the outer moon surface.

    Turning the elf would turn and start to move towards the Plass diner and looked over the many long tables strewn about inside. The walls were all line with the winery bottle shelving, to include a wide variance of bloodwines, fruity wines, champagnes, sparkling non alcoholic fruit drinks. There were a few smaller casks behind the serving counter for non wine drinks and a hologram in a red plush suit named Larry was the NPC tender. Food could be ordered from one of many “replicator” coves. Towards the outer walls there were a few couches that faced the glass walls that separated the diner from the outdoor patio view and seating with large pools

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