Lemnos (& the Cave on the river Lethe in the Underworld) – Dedicated to Thanatos and Hypnos

The cave of Death and Sleep…

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      The cave is located in the Underworld and the river Lethe (Forgetfulness) runs through it. Poppies and other hypnotic plants grow at its entrance. The twins, Thanatos and Hypnos share this place as their home. In Hypnos’ room, there lay a bed made of ebony and no sound nor light can enter his grotto.
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      From within his ritual chamber, deep underneath the palace that he called home, Lazarus carefully finished etching the sigils he had painstakingly translated from the ancient tome resting in his right hand.  The elaborate silver dagger carved into the stone without pause, it’s edge specially honed for the work being done.  With a swooping curve to the final rune, the wizard completed the ritual circle and stepped back, closing the book and sending it back to his library with a small pop of teleportation magic.


      “It is almost time.  All that remains now is the sacrifice and the words.”  He muttered to himself, recalling the steps and confirming that everything was in order.  A flash of light dropped a beaten man in shackles into the center of the circle, the magic of the vampire calling the man forth from the prison cell nearby to act as the chosen sacrifice.


      “I call upon the spirit of death, with blood and by name!”  He called out in a powerful voice, subtle magic translating the words to ancient greek as they left his lips.  Lazarus stepped up to the bound man and dragged the ritual knife across the man’s throat, spilling his lifeblood onto the circle where it was absorbed into the runes.  They glowed a bright red as the prisoner choked and slumped to the ground, slowly dying.


      “I beseech thee, Thanatos!  By the passage of this soul I seek thy council!”  Another flash of light brought Lazarus’s staff to his hand, a black metal staff topped by a glowing purple gem held by three sharp spikes.  The wizard slammed the bottom of it onto the ritual circle and wordlessly channeled the killing curse through it, the green energy mixing with the red for a moment before it surged into the slowly dying man and tore his soul viciously from his body.  Trapped within the circle, it would be offered up as penance for disturbing the god of death.

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