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Ostara’s skills & services

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      Dream associated skills/services

      As a dream weaver, Ostara has the ability to access and control her own dreamscape. This is the only time when she is free of the dead completely. Likewise, she is able to <b>invade, observe and manipulate the dreams of others as well as communicate through them. </b>This can be done through accessing their dreamscape which is a realm that represents the psychological state of one’s self or through their actual dreams.

      Dream Entrapment
      Ostara has the ability to place another into a permanent state of dreaming, creating a false reality for them to stay imprisoned in for eternity or until she chooses to release them.  In this state of suspension, the soul/mind stays trapped whilst the physical waking body can be kept alive and nourished magically though she can also allow it fade into starvation and death or have the body entombed alongside its counterpart in a world of illusion.

      Dream Sharing
      Ostara can share her dreams with others/force them to experience her dreams and vice versa.

      Sleep Inducement
      Ostara can induce sleep in others, forcing them into her dominion.

      <b>Associated services:</b>
      Can conjure nightmares/harass enemies through their dreams. (This will cause a variety of negative physical and psychological effects in the victim, even leading to insanity and suicide if they are driven to that point)
      Can remove/eliminate one’s nightmares, replacing them with sweet dreams.
      Can create/custom make dreams for clients so they are able to fulfill their greatest desires/have control over what they see.
      Can assist clients in facing their inner demons/fears through their dreams.
      Can access/trick someone into revealing valuable/needed information.
      Can put enemies/targets to sleep. This is especially useful in battles/attacks so that there is little defense from the other side.
      Can send and receive messages/communicate through dreams. ie- reach others that cannot normally be reached. (Coma patients, prisoners, missing loved ones, etc)


      Death associated skills and services

      Ostara acts as a bridge for the dead, a channel through which they can cross to the other side. She can assist the lost and tethered in this way however for each soul that passes through her, she loses a piece of herself. In order to leave behind their burdens and anguish, Ostara absorbs each spirit’s pain and trauma, reliving their life experiences and taking on their negative memories until they are free to pass unencumbered. As an effect, Ostara is left with one fragment of each soul, usually their most horrific memory or sin though physical and behavioral traits can also be left behind. (This is why her hair is multicolored)

      Unfortunately, these foreign memories are slowly replacing her own, triggering bouts of insanity and delusion in which Ostara has no ability to recognize how to separate her own recollections from that of strangers. This process is not pleasant and is often extremely painful.

      <b>Identity dysphoria.</b>
      <b></b>Ostara has the ability to temporarily ‘borrow’ the faces of the dead. This is often an illusion/chameleon technique that allows her to disguise herself when needed or to toy with those that have angered her.

      Soul travelling
      Ostara can completely immerse herself in the realm of the dead/slip through layers of existence though she can never be fully present within the world of the living in the same way as she can with the other side. The safest way to accomplish soul travel is to separate from her body (which goes into a catatonic state) however she can manifest both her physical and spiritual self beyond the veil though this comes with greater risk as damage can be sustained to her body through attack/negative effects of being immersed for too long. When travelling from place to place in this way, she must use her physical form as well if she wants to move locations otherwise she will “wake” wherever her body is.

      Body Possession
      Ostara can allow a spirit to inhabit her body for a brief period of time.

      Manifestations/Incantations of the dead
      Ostara can summon the souls of the dead into physical form by drawing on the elements of her surroundings. The incantations are crafted out of the environment. (Example: In a desert scenario, the apparitions are made out of sand, rock and soil.) These reanimated souls are virtually indestructible as their form revolves around constant moving particles that are not of solid flesh and blood, their limbs can pierce and shred through not only flesh and bone but more sturdier constructions.

      Touch of sight
      Ostara can expose others to the world beyond the veil through touch though doing so often leads to unpredictable consequences as the living are not built to withstand the realm of the dead.
      Whilst Ostara can control and manipulate what the person sees/experiences to an extent, this power often comes about without her meaning it.
      (Often, she may lose control of it during intimate encounters and the other person is plunged into darkness without a barrier of protection which sends them insane, kills them  or it warps their morality and normal associations into the perverse, shaping them into a monster)

      Demise/Trauma Divination. 
      Ostara’s left and colourless eye can be dangerous if not fatal if one stares for too long into it. Often triggered accidentally, the emerald speck that appears in its center should be avoided unless one wishes to be confronted with their own demise, or their worst memory. Being faced with these usually causes insanity.

      In contrast, her blue eye is capable of reflecting back to the viewer their deepest desires and images of a world removed from the grief of losing their loved ones to death, showing them a fantasy of what might have been had they’re their loved ones lived.


      Associated services

      Last reunions/final farewells- Ostara is able to provide the living with an opportunity to say farewell/experience some time with their loved one by allowing the spirit to channel through her body for a temporary period of time. She is able to transform herself physically to match the soul inside.

      Can help the living rid themselves or objects/places of spiritual attachment.

      Can help the souls of loved ones cross over.

      Can deliver messages to/from the dead to the living.

      Can summon apparitions to wreak revenge/violence.

      Can satisfy morbid curiosities by giving glimpses beyond the veil (only available to those of origins built to withstand such things)

      (More to be added soon)

      The price of all services varies on the person. Please see profile for more information. 😉





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