Steelheart Colony

The Steelheart Colony is a place where not many people are welcome aside from those invited by members of the Lunareyes clan or by the Steelhearts, a group of werewolves who have been close allies with the Lunareyes for a number of years. Built in a mountainous terrain that is hard to traverse by modern standards, in air or on ground, they have kept hidden for a number of years only to emerge with the outings of Thaddeus Lunareyes to the tavern almost three years ago. This place, meant as a safe haven for their children, their elders and their kinsman, a place where their natural abilities could flourish and grow, has been decimated only to be rebuilt several times.


Several of the mountains have caves dug out by the bears. Several of them live under the moonlight as it gives them strength. Others find themselves better off in stone houses, akin to the modern world that they now live in.


It has become a place of peace where animals and wildlife of all kind flourishes due to Gaiac energy that comes off of the werebears in troves.


Known for not only their healing arts, they are a clan of socialites and scholars, often playing games when they aren’t wrestling or fighting. Their traditions are what keeps them alive, even when others have died off. They are not advanced in weaponry or in technology but make up for it with their abilities and war-strong minds.


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