The Beloved Lady – Why She Matters

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     The Lady 

    Our Beloved Lady
    Daughter of the Skies
    Savior of Osprea
    Hope for Our Future
    May the Reefs Bring us Life
    So We May Live in Her Light Forever

    After years of living in silent, mindless oppression to the monarchs of Osprea, it was she who freed the hearts and minds of the people, giving them love, giving them light. Her words of peace, her ingenious ideas, and the encouragement of Osprea to reach out and touch the world around it for the first time in thousands of years, it captured the hearts and minds of the Osprean citizenry.


    Through the demonstrated acts of the sitting king towards so lovely a creature, it became clear that kings and queens cannot be trusted, nor are they untouchable. With a heavy heart, she freed herself and all of us from the king’s rule, and now we live in the rule of the Lady. Her strength will protect and guide us forevermore, and we willingly allow her to oversee us.


    She has given us to ourselves, and herself to us, and for that, we give ourselves to her.

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Long Live the Beloved Lady.

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