The History of Osprea

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    It was thousands of years ago when early fishermen found the paradise of Osprea, a tropical island with a great reef around it, and seas full of fish. They took to it quickly, settling there and enjoying the many bounties it had to offer. However, tragedy struck in the form of the very mountain itself that formed the island blowing its top, spitting ash and fire into the air and shattering the core of the island itself.


    Only a fourth of the population survived what was called ‘The Calamity’ by future generations, but from this portion they rebuilt a stronger civilization with the first chieftain, Ozprik I, and his twelve sons and nine daughters, starting the great Ozpri Dynasty that lasted many hundreds of years before evolving into the Osprean Kingdom as they approached modernity.


    It was the great inventor Omenus that truly revolutionized the kingdom, however. Though he was far from being in line to take the throne himself, Omenus had a gifted mind that improved the livelihood of all the inhabitants. Architecture, medicine, city planning, it was all drastically changed by Omenus. He found a way to increase the size of the reefs, improved the fishing boats, and devised a schedule for the fishing boats to ensure that there would always be food in the waters.


    But, his greatest achievement was devising a way for harnessing steam from volcanic activity on the island. In doing this, Osprea jumped into a new age. With the revolution of this technology, Omenus was able to open a great academy, where the greatest minds of the kingdom became greater.

    The population grew faster and larger in number, enabling more and more industry and progress to be had as there were more minds and more workers to be had. By the time the modern era came about, Osprea was a thriving, technological wonder, with the cutting edge of transportation, energy, and medicine.


    But the people were not content. They were compelled to slave away in the factories or offices with little hope of the future, in fear of the outside world they had been avoiding, constantly building a future that they felt disconnected from, even as they enjoyed easy living. Paradise with no hope, no heart, only constant motion and ease…


    This all changed when a light fell out of the sky and into the arms of King Ozmik XIV. Though he and his many wives struggled to conceive a child even by the most advanced means, destiny sought him fit enough to send him a child from the stars itself.


    The girl grew into a woman, a woman loved and adored by all, more than any monarch had been adored in hundreds of years, since the days of Ozmik XIV’s forefathers. This worried him, and most blasphemously, not caring who the line fell to, he tried to kill the princess, only for her to rise from the flames of what was meant to be her destruction.


    Osprea did not mourn the death of their king, and instead welcomed their new Beloved Lady. To them, she is more than a queen, more than a goddess even. She is everything. She is the way to the future, a future full of strength and hope.

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