A late but timely arrival

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    Although Elijah was relatively new to the world of Hellifyno he was well aware of the conflicts that raged and the innocent blood that had been spilt. The phoenix had first taken action by helping a group of heroes hold back a tide of the dead outside the Blue Moon Tavern before he had to focus his attention elsewhere. Now he had come to help Paracosm in anyway he could, be it his healing abilities or the fiery wrath he could bring down upon Giovanni’s undead hordes. Elijah knew the coming fight was almost hopeless but all that mattered was that any civilians were away from the fighting and kept safe.

    Flying high in the air, Elijah’s fiery blue form lit up the night sky as he flew above the open ocean and bypassed the fleet of Giovanni’s ships. Although tempted to set the fleet alight Elijah sensed that it would only cause the undead to begin their assault all the sooner and, with reinforcements still coming to Paracosm, it would not be good for the reinforcements to be trapped outside the city walls.  As he flew over the landscape,Elijah’s keen eyes noticed that even the wild life of the island was being evacuated as best as possible, no doubt in an attempt to keep Giovanni from claiming more soldiers as well as preserve the species that inhabited the aisle. Soon the royal city filled Elijah’s vision, it was well lit with many torches and light of other kinds pushing back the darkness of night. Elijah glanced groundwards and saw he was not the only one arriving in this late hour. Various portals where open outside the city, some with ordered regiments of soldiers coming through, while some were open only for several moments as only singular figures or small groups appeared through them and stepped onto Paracosm soil.

    Beginning his slow glide down to the earth beneath him, Elijah landed softly in an open spot right next to the gate. The twenty foot tall phoenix looked over his soon to be allies before shifting to his human form. Now standing at just 6’2″ clad in a dark overcoat and clothing that matched his dark hair, he held a small carry bag and slung it over his shoulder. He then walked towards the large gate leading into the city and passed through the gatehouse. Glancing over his shoulder at the throng of people following into the city behind him, Elijah wondered if they might just pull this off yet. Turning his gaze forward once again, the male phoenix now faced the question of who he should speak to about where he should place himself to be when it came time to defend the city.

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