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    Here we will provide references to Paracosm as pertaining to its layout, ecosystem, wildlife, resources, etc. This is a work in progress, so please check back often for new posts.


    The island offers a vast collection of specimens never before seen in Hellifyno due to its unique nature. While in the arctic southern seas, Paracosm thrives on the powerful magic of the hopes and dreams of its residents, which funneled through Queen Magicia’s dreamwalking powers creates a network of creation. That is why the queen has decided it would be best to provide a reference to help residents, scholars, and curious travelers to better understand what this island has to offer.


    Articles yet to be added will be marked TBA for ‘To Be Added’




    Paracosm Map – See Entry Below

    Outer Isles – TBA

    Crystal Spires  – TBA

    Royal Kingdom  – TBA

    Dark Tower  –  TBA

    Castle  –  TBA

    Purple Nova Casino and Resort  – Flyer/Advertisement

    Forests  –  TBA

    Daydream Falls  –  TBA

    Wanderer Lake  –  TBA

    Wildlife Sanctuary  –  TBA


    Tower Knights aka Dark Knights  –  See Valencia Provided Forces link

    Enraged Berserkers  –  See Valencia Provided Forces link

    The Soulless  –  see Valencia Provided Forces link

    Shapers  –  see Valencia Provided Forces link

    Dancers of Paracosm  –  see Valencia Provided Forces link

    Valencia Provided Forces  –  Blog (written by Siclides)

    Fwufikins Maid Hive Mind  –  Advertisement   In depth entry TBA


    Otterguins –  TBA

    Barnabas Analheimer Buttmunch  –  TBA

    [More entries inbound]


    [More entries inbound]


    The Creation of Paracosm  –  Chat Log

    The Garden of Lost Champions  –  Blog

    Suffering and Succession (Five Part Chat Log of Paracosm vs Ivo): Part 1  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4  Part 5

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    Entry 1 – Paracosm Map (Rough Draft)


    Color coded drawing by Magicia of the island. Noted: Paracosm is a lot more purple-y than what is implied by the drawing.



    -Outer Isles

    -Crystal Spires

    -Royal Kingdom

    -Dark Tower


    -Purple Nova Casino and Resort


    -Daydream Falls

    -Wanderer Lake


    *Each feature will eventually have its own entry. Stay tuned.

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