Paracosm and twine united, before the fall

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    (A big thank you to magi for helping and planning this!)

    -on the far lands of paracosm, trink the imp was there, assisting Lady Magi and the other with any duties they needed done….-

    Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
    -And there’s lots of work to do. Hundreds of civilians have started to file out of their homes in the early evening, more joining in this exodus as the hours pass, as they make their way to congregate near the castle gates. Magicia would normally prefer them to head to one of the shores, but she wishes this to not be so easily observable to the Giovanni fleet. Magicia oversees the gathering outside from a balcony, nervously chewing on a strand of hair.-

    Trink the Imp
    *the imp turns to her* are we ready? i can open the portal and begin to get them to the teddies… *a small black, slender, hand moves to rest on her shoulder, the large black eyes looking down to the people* do not worry lady magi… *the imp nods and waits for her command as he hovers a little, his tail swaying back and forth a little*

    Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
    “.. Very well. Let’s begin.” -She hates having to send her people away. Paracosm was supposed to be the future for these people. A place of hope and freedom from the dark reputations of the past.. and now they must evacuate. All she can hope for now is that there’ll be an island left for them to return to when this is all over. The hair falls from her mouth as she steps forward to quickly address her subjects.- “People of Paracosm, please worry not. While things may seem dire now, we will all carry on. We are the dreamers, and our dreams cannot be destroyed… Now please follow the directions of the teddies and go through in a calm orderly fashion.”

    Trink the Imp
    *trink moves and opens a large portal once Magi was done with her speech. it was large enough to fit four rows of people, side by side teddies emerged and began to help people in with their belongings. they were gentle and kind to the people. once inside the portal they were shown the way to the lands where the twine folk were. there was plenty of food and drink for all. Even with the new arrivals… slowly the line of paracosm inhabitants dwindled down. The teddies doing a small sweep of the city as others finished helping the ones in line through the glowing spiraling vortex. trink moves and looks to magi. black eyes staring into hers* do not worry lady magi. we, paracosm and twine. will survive this. and make sure both islands come out.. and. if we need to. we can help rebuild each other. twine is here for you.. *the teddies in the city helped the few stragglers along and then.. the portal closed.. it was empty and quiet, just like twine is. trink sighs a bit* is there anything else i may help you with? or that needs to be done.. i can have teddies working on clearing the animals. so none get hurt, killed or lost.. if you wish?

    Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
    “Alright, for the conservation of our wildlife… but at least the people are safe. That was our priority.” -She nods and steps away from the balcony with a sigh.- “Also, the city is now ready to receive the reinforcement troops. We have housing set up across the island, with the casino being fortified for a military base. Mearo has been working with the Fwufs there to increase our number of Black Knights.”

    Trink the Imp
    *the imp nods and follows slowly behind her, black wings flap every now and then to keep him up* i can send the word out paracosm is ready. and i will begin the evacuation of the animals.. if there is anything else you need me or the teddies for please let me know. we can also have the ogres help if it calls for it. *he bows low to her and turns, slowly flying off to the forests to begin the removal of the animals..*

    Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
    “Of course.” -The queen nods with a stern expression to the imp. As she watches them fly off, she mutters under her breath.- “Do not think they can take us down so easily, Giovanni. This is our land, and it is ours to form and break as we see fit.”
    once the imp was gone, he had opened a portal and waited for a moment while flying off towards the forest and to the animals, first a teddy appeared in the portal, trink told it to bring as many as possible, and meet him in the forest then the mother herself was there. Staring at the imp with a worried and concerned expression
    “Trink. Is everyone all right? What’s going on? Why haven’t you contacted me yet!” Kida was nervous just by the sound of her voice. It had been a while since he contacted her.
    “I am ok madam, do not worry. We got the people evacuated, and working on the animals now. So far the ships here have not made a move against the island. But we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best outcome. I will not leave until lady magi and the island are safe. Kida nods a bit*
    “I trust you old friend. We must stay united the best we can in this process. We will support as much as possible. Please let magi know that im here for her” a warm smile follows her words.
    *the imp nods* “until we talk again, believe me. I wont let this fail” *she nods more* “I hope not trink.”
    *then the portal was closed..*

    *from twine island, kida sat inside her home, a sigh escapes her as she looks to the windows outfront*
    We will not fall. Through hope and strength we will prevail. The world will not succumb to the monstrosities of Augustus. Now, how to get more on our side. *words falling out as only the teddies listened. Her mate was sleeping so she was quiet. Hushed mumbles to herself really as she paced.* we need to fight. My fog can heal all those who do fight, but I don’t understand. Is it fear that grips them. Is it ignorance.. if this snake gets the world. Nothing will be safe. Nothing will be sacred. *another sigh as she motions for a coffee from the teddies and resuming her pacing* I just do not understand.. what I do know is.. Twine will fight until I fall…. And paracosm will fight until magi falls. They are both safe havens… *she groans softly now and takes the coffee, moving out back and sitting in one of the chairs*
    We will not let this world falls. We need the rebels. We need the hope..

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