Paracosm Safari: Crystal Forest "Dungeon"

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    Hello and Welcome to the Crystal Forests of Paracosm!
    It has both crystals, AND forests!
    (Behold! The return of the patent pending Adventure Zones from the Empire of Ash on OldPages! Read the Descriptive Text to set up a starter, and then get to role-playing! This safari is open even to people who don’t want to canonically place their character on Paracosm and just want to die cold and alone!)

    A magical place created during Magicia’s building of Paracosm! This place is filled with all harsh but mineral rich flora, sub zero temperatures, and an entire ecosystem of powerful magical beasts looking to consume you. From the adorable otter-penguin hybrids to the monstrous crystalline proto-dragons, there’s a wealth of wildlife to explore here in Paracosm’s National Forest. Feel free to set up camp in the sub-antarctic wilderness, and do battle with the staggering variety of wildlife! Be careful though, it’s not just the monsters that want you dead. The weather will kill you just as quickly!

    But don’t let the inevitable death from exposure and predation in the icy claws of a polar winter on a magical isle of chaos get you down! We’re offering free safari tours from the Purple Nova Casino where you can sign up for and prepare for adventure! We’ll give you a comprehensive 5 minute tour before taking your money and dumping you in the woods to die! It’s fun for the whole family! Especially big families that will provide lots of meat for the soup!

    Worried this doesn’t seem worth it? Fear not! Lucky survivors will find a plethora of riches to plunder and take back to the casino for cash! Rivers of sapphire, emerald trees with bark made of diamonds, and confectionery treats like ham await! Find the hidden hams and win favors from the DM! But only I know where they are!

    Now get out there and get exploring/freezing to death!


    (Note: Unless stated otherwise, Fwufikins can act as a sort of surrogate DM for this space. I won’t so much moderate how you play, but I will be providing monsters for you guys if you don’t feel like doing it yourselves. However, it is not wise to try and out DM the DM. This dungeon is partially designed to adapt to your character and find their weaknesses and force you into uncomfortable situations, and there’s no escaping that.)

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    how do i get in?


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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    A maid popped out to greet Zoey. “An excellent question, stranger! Walking into forests of death can be very challenging! But I have the advise you need!”

    The maid points in the direction of the trees of the Crystal Forest.

    “Walk. That way. Unless… you’d rather take the SAFARI TOUR!”

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    Zoey begins in the direction she pointed. she puts on the hood to her parka, and begins to embrace the cold weather she heard about. as she gets in she tucks her necklace under her shirt. the thing acted like her good luck charm, after all. it might help her out. to be truth full, she wasn’t ready physically. mentally, hell yes. her telekinesis would make up her her physical strength.. she hoped. she always has the back up of her teleportation, which she intends to use if things to south on her.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The cold was biting, like she’d walked into a meat locker. The trees were a dazzling collection of gemstone statues, with perfect gems falling as fruit. All manner of weird creatures could be hiding in those woods… but today, the enemy would be Paracosm itself. The wind picked up fiercely, blowing snow around in clouds along the ground. The trees would begin to rattle…and the gemstones would begin falling faster and harder. It was a hailstorm of rough cut diamonds and other jewels. Hope you have an umbrella, because it’s one hell of a storm!

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    Zoey, instantly sensing the danger, holds her hands out to the incoming storm. she attempts to keep her telekinesis at a minimal, but ends up going all out.. in terms of her current telekinetic stage. she was tempted to go into ‘Focus’, which would make it a whole hell of a lot easier, but she settled for what she had. the jewels and diamonds miss her by the minimum of a couple of inches, which begins to bother Zoey. the weather was already getting to her.. she begins looking for a place to claim as a shelter, like some sort of a cave.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Lucky for her, there’s a little hovel in one of the trees! Less fortunately, it appears to have a bit of a draft. The hovel would provide protection from the hail, but not from the cold. She would need a good source of warmth in order to survive the night, like fire or a really big sweater.

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    Ronald would step before the tree line. The left eye of his mask would glow a blood red due to the X-Ray Chip added to it recently.  He’d scan the trees. Under his silver mask he stare in awe and concern. His dagger was in his palm. It seemed he always had it with him. It’s handle was cover’d in dried blood.  “Why am I here?..” His voice was dark and low due to the mask. His voice almost sounded like a demons.  But He was surely Human. “Where do i go?..”

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    Zoey, losing focus on the diamonds, grabs hold of a couple of sticks in a full on sprint to the tree. she could attempt to make a fire.. just a small one, though. nothing big. it would be enough to keep her alive, though. a few diamonds hit her, the only one really causing any sort of damage being the last one, which cuts her cheek. other than that, her luck stayed with her. the necklace was helping her after all. she begins getting to work. she quickly snatches a couple of jewels and tries to use those to make some sort of a spark, replacing rocks with those. how ever, she doubts it’ll work. all she can do is pray it does.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    If Ronald stood at the edge of the trees, he’d be spared from the downpour of gemstones and instead just be hit by a snowstorm  and a few wayward emeralds. Venturing in would mean a pummeling. Of course, remaining in the open is not wise either. The wind was cold, and the predators always on the lookout…

    Zoey meanwhile, would have one more stroke of luck. One of the crystals she grabbed was quartz, a great firestarting rock! He’d succeed in warding away the bite of the cold for a while longer.

    The storm continues.

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    Zoey damn near shouted with glee when the fire started. her luck hadn’t run out yet. she just needed to wait out the storm. while she waits, she sings some Modest Mouse to her self, just to make sure she doesn’t loose her own sanity. “i know, i should go.. but i would probably stay.. and that’s all.. you can do.. about some things..” she kept it going till she got to tired and fell asleep.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Unfortunately, luck was a fickle thing, and in the midst of the storm… an animal arrived. It looked like a giant herbivore, with the head and hind quarters of a musk ox, and the upper body of a huge gorilla. It was covered in thick, shaggy fur, and stood as tall as a 2 story building. It appear to have hooves on its knuckles, as if to enhance its striking power. The big creature seemed oblivious to the storm and to Zoey… and began eating the tree she was hiding in.

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    Zoey woke to the sound of the creature’s eating.. and began thinking out her options.

    she could a, attack and possibly risk having to teleport out due to, well, her lack of combat experience.

    or B, scare it away.

    she began flipping through files on her phone, trying to see if she had something that she could play loud enough to scare it away.. then she finds it. Pantera’s “the great southern trendkill”. she’d just play the beginning over and over till the thing was frightened enough to run. so, she proceeds as followed – turn volume up full blast, unplug earbuds, hold it just outside the hovel. now, she just began praying.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The noise frightened the beast yes. It was a strange noise it assumed to be a predator. With a roaring moo the musk-gorrilla ran into the woods… and then another one ran by… any observers would see dozens of these giant creatures stampeding through the forests. Trees would be smashed, animals would be trampled. Staying put would be suicide.

    Oh dear.

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    Zoey began wondering what the fuck happened to her luck. she teleports atop one of the trees, just long enough for her to see the incoming stampede. when she goes back inside, she begins searching her bag for something, anything.. and she finds some alcohol and a rag. “well.. there goes the winning drink..” she mutters. she takes a small handful of the spare sticks and wraps them together. after that, she drenches the rag she wrapped around it with alcohol, taking a swig before getting to it. she then places it in the fire for a second, letting it catch flame, and boom! she was out. she ran through the woods at the max speed her legs could carry her. she even took the time to knock a few of the bigger trees down to hopefully serve as a stop for the impeding stampede. she began wishing that she had enough energy to be able to teleport away but still be in the dungeon. but she didn’t have it in her, not with out focus. so she kept running.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The good news: the stampede has diverged its course!

    The bad news: it wasn’t because of your attempts. One of the bulls of the herd had been wounded by a large carnivore. It looked like a tiger, but was much larger and fluffier. Its jaws were long and reptilian, armed with huge saber teeth that appeared to be formed from solid diamond.

    The two monsters fought, swiping claws and kicking hooves flying through the air in splatters of blood and chipped teeth, but eventually the herbivore escapes.

    Wounded and hungry, the large adamantoothed felid decided to switch to easier prey… You

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    She sensed the danger as soon as it started. she clutched her torch and began thinking of what she should do.. she could go into Focus and kill it. . . but that lack of combat experience is probably gonna bite her in the ass. still better than the alternative.. death. she begins focusing her telekinetic energy on herself, allowing herself to go into focus. here eyes fade into a deep blue, and she turns to the incoming threat. she was ready for combat. . . she thinks.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The massive beast roared, baring its crystalline sabre teeth as it charged at the girl…then stopped. Its mane stood on end, sensing her sudden change. It was wary, slowly circling her. This monster knew humans were trouble, but… this one was different. It focused its eyes, as if waiting to test her… the beast made a mock charge, trying to gode her into attacking first.

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    Zoey flinched, yes, but nothing more. she looked at the beast dead in the eye, and said, “if you wanna kill me, you gotta at least try..” while yes, showing complete certainty outside, inside, deep down, she was trembling with fear. still, she had to fight. maybe a bit of Lily was rubbing off on her.. she lifts a hand and a small rock lifts into the air, acting like a small demonstration of what her abilities did. she hoped the beast was smart enough to get the hint that it will get at max a few feet away from attacking her.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The beast is confident that she’s stalling for time, and so hunger compels it to strike! The felid monster pounces the girl, teeth and claws outstretched as it prepares to tear into her belly.

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    The beast stops halfway as she reaches a hand out to it. she lifts it into the air, and says assertively, “You, my good friend, cant take a hint, can ya’? get. lost.” she drops it back down, and points to the area behind it, intending for it to run that way.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The beast looks around frantically as it dropped, wondering what had snuck up and attempted to carry it off. It had no concept of telekinesis, and thought it had been attacked by some sort of toothless giant. Confused, the creature scampered off into the trees. Its hunger has not been satisfied…you haven’t seen the last of it, but the coast is clear for now.

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    Zoey sighed in relief. She began in a random direction.. opposite of the beast, obviously. She hoped that her luck will turn around and she will be able to find…  Who knows, a chest of loot? She needed money anyways. Then again.. with the storm that just went by.. she could collect the fallen jewels..



    and there she was stuffing her pockets.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Success! She fills her pockets with jewels! They’re a bit heavy, but if she can make her way back she might live to cash them in!

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    *Sitting by…Some kind of campfire…Would be 8 men…All looking like hard war veterans or something. All of them had some kind of abilities that made them more than human with the weapons to back it up. One of those 8 men was tied to a post…He had short, black hair, pale skin, green eyes, and he wore some dirty dress clothes…He was laughing. A man with a beard would knock some embers from their fire onto his pants which would quickly die out after making little burn holes…The tied man giggled.* You’re all going to die out here…*More giggles. One of the men got angry!* Shut up you! *And would hit him over the head with the back of a high tech hunting rifle…They were lost…They only got these weapons from…Less fortunate folks…They sat there, eating some jerky…They had plenty of rations…But that would only last for so long…*

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Ah yes, more victims for the Crystal Forest! The wind howled, almost as if the gods were laughing at these poor souls. Zoey at least had her bearings and some wealth to possibly smuggle out…but  these men? They were in the Deep Woods.

    There was no way of discerning direction in these woods once the sun set. The vegetation was thick and gnarled, pine needles hanging from trees and even vines in thick bundles. Wherever the little moonlight made it into these depths of the woods was reflected by the snow, making it increasingly difficult to tell which direction was up. Huge snow banks and crystalline sheets of ice concealed huge chasms and deadly pitfalls, as well as hungry nocturnal carnivores just waiting for someone to be stupid enough to wander off.

    Hopefully those rations are rationed carefully, for much of the foraging they’d find would likely be based in minerals. Some of them may be edible or even tasty, but chances of finding food that the animals haven’t already found were dangerously low. And hopefully those rifles were loaded up well and chambered for big bores, for soon some of those forest predators would be drawn to this little campsite by the smell of prey.

    The night is still but for the wind. Cold, dark, and miserable. And soon…red and sticky.

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    *Indeed…Most of them would indeed perish…Larger groups tended to be better armed but…Not these ones…These ones were left over from previous groups who…Didn’t make it out…They ran…Hiding was no use…They took the weapon that did the most damage and ran for their lives…One of the men there would be shivering.* I fucking hate the cold! I should be in Persistence right now! Fuck…*He seemed to be the son of some wealthy game hunter who bit off more than he could chew…The bearded man with the rifle would snort.* Well, you’d best forget about that dream and start trying to survive this shite. *From now on, we’ll call the rich son Deadman A and the bearded man Deadman B.  A woman would be there. She looked to be elvish. Or at least, here ears were pointed. Common misconception…She had a mechanical arm that she was “flexing”. Moving it around to keep it from locking up…She had a look or worry in her face.* What are we going to do for food when the rations run out? *This woman, we’ll call Clara. She’s the one who survives this whole ordeal and lives to tell the tale…*

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    When all seemed lost, a little rabbit-like creature showed up in the middle of camp. It looked like a jack rabbit, and probably tasted about as much like sogfoodas the real thing… But it had a brilliant silver coat laiden with sparkles. Little crystalline osteoderms formed beautiful patterns near its rear, trailing up its spine towards it’s skull to culminate into a pair of glass-like antlers. It wasn’t much, but it was meat!

    As soon as the Glass Jackalope had appeared, however, it had realized the error of its ways and scurried into the forest. The rabbit’s bounding was still rather noisy, though. Jackrabbits are clumsy creatures even without antlers. Easy to track, probably dumb enough to hold stols for a good shot after a few paces.

    Could it be? A dream come true?

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    *Deadman B saw the horned rabbit there and would lift up his rifle to shoot it…Only for it to run away…* Shit! *He said, frustrated.* I’m going to go and get that thing. Stay here. *He stood up and ran after it into the snow. His rifle in his hand…A bullet in the cartridge…He followed it’s tracks until he saw something moving ahead, lifting his rifle to take aim…Back at the camp, Jango was coming to.* Hrrmmm…*He said with a pained grunt.* Those never feel good…*Looking around the camp with one squinted eye.* Where is beard man? Did he go to take a piss or something? *Deadman A would look over at Jango.* No…He saw a hare and went to go and get it for us…*At this, Jango’s lips would curl into a grin and he would laugh loudly.* HAAAAA! HAAAAAAA! *Screaming into the cold night. He would be silenced by a gag shoved into his mouth by Clara.* Shut up!

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The rabbit bounded through the snow and brush for a few minutes, keeping to cover for the most part, but the footsteps of the man spooked it into making a fatal mistake. The Jackalope was driven into a moonlit clearing. It paused as it looked around in confused terror…

    …but was swiftly slain by a swooping Bladewing Falcon. In a flash the horned rabbit was sliced in half and hoisted into the trees, leaving its rump in the snow in a pool of crimson that seemed to sparkle in the moonlit snow. The blood and the nosie of the dying rabbit would surely attract hungry animals… But the meat was still there.

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    *Deadman B would curse under his breath when the bird came down and stole his hunt from the clearing there…He would move around and try to find the bird who stole half of his kill! Aiming up into the trees…Hoping to spot it in the middle of feeding…And shoot it dead! He knew that he had to act quick…So he rushed around, looking up into the trees with focus, not really watching where he was going…Stepping on some fallen trees and hopping over rocks…All for the purpose of finding this bird…The other half was still there, sure…But he wouldn’t risk being out in the open like that…Not until he got some retribution. Meanwhile, back at the camp, Deadman A would have gone off to get some sleep, leaving Clara and the other 6 do do other things…That’s when she noticed…One of their number was missing…There were 5…5 when there should have been 6…She looked off into the woods around them and saw him standing by a small tree of some kind. Shaking and jumping up and down some…Trying to keep warm? Who knew? But Clara would grab a small, high powered shotgun just in case she was attacked and would get up, walking towards him.* Hey…Hey, are you alright? *There was no answer…*

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    There were eyes upon Deadman B, eyes that slowly crept closer and closer. The creature breathed heavily, almost panting, but no breath could be seen, as if its body was the same temperature as the world around it. The panting was canid, an apparently frostbitten tongue hanging from jaws lined with icy teeth. Pale fur was laden with frost, eyes a pale blue and twinkling in the moonlight… A literal ice wolf.

    This one was small, and dare not break cover in the face of a human. Despite its magical nature, it knew that men were to be avoided. The creature scampered off into the woods, trying to keep a low profile as it stealthily trotted away.

    Meanwhile the bird was on the other side of the clearing, sitting in one of the fir trees and enjoying it’s prize. The branch hung over the clearing a ways, the bird’s coat gleaming in the night air. Its feathers appeared metallic, but we’re not very sturdy or heavy. It appeared to be formed from aluminum, the edges of its wings sharpened like torn soda cans and covered in rabbit blood. It must’ve thought itself unreachable up there.

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    Zoey makes her way back, singing a little bit the whole way. When she gets back she dumps the gems in her little borrow in the beginning, and makes her way back. Over time, she doubles her progress, her feet going by the beat of her heart. She was in the optimistic mind set that she normally wouldn’t have, and she ran with it. She was ready to take on anything ahead, after all, she’s been mostly lucky the whole way through. Her luck will hold.. hopefully.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    Zoey has collected some spoils! Checkpoint! But will her luck hold?

    As she makes her way through the woods, the breeze continued to blow. It was chilling, but not quite as stormy. Thankfully the moonlight is bright, and her patch of forest is easy to see in. However, she’ll notice something is missing…something big and furry with 15 inch teeth. Where was that huge felid?

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    Aaaand she finds herself instantly back into focus. She readied herself. She extended an arm to the nearest sharp object- which was unfortunately a few tree branches. She has them circle around her, ready for defense and offence.. she just hoped it will work.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The beast was lurking in the shadows of some trees, its dark striped fur aiding it in camouflaging their massive bulk. They watched their prey, apparently the only easy meal still in their territory. They knew this prey was dangerous, but hunger, desperation, even vengeance drove them on…

    Edging closer and closer, the giant sabretooth pressed the chin of its long, saurian muzzle into the snow below them as they kept as low a profile as possible, almost laying down in the snow. Closer they crept…closer…closer…until they were a mere 5 meters away, practically RIGHT BEHIND HER!

    The beast’s hunger finally won over their caution, there creature bounded forward, leaping with its huge paws and massive claws outstretched!

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    The branch behind her raised, and she leaped to the right, Her eyes alert as ever. The branch that raised was intentional, she was hoping it would at least penetrate the first layer of skin. The other branches that are unused she keeps to her side.

    Then it hits her- The thing is hungry! She goes through her bag, for some sort of food.. And she pulls out a burger in some plastic wrap.. which she basically tore the thing out. The thing was cold, but for a animal, it would suffice. She threw it out in front of her, half way in between her and the creature. she readied more food to be thrown… after all, she was betting her last resort on her being able to feed it.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The beast growled, the branch jabbing into its front paw and sticking. The huge cat hobbled for a moment as it landed, awkwardly reaching the paw around to grab the branch from between its toes in their mighty jaws. They yanked the thorn out with a gush of blood, their paw stained but otherwise back in working order. The creature roared angrily, prepared to strike!

    When suddenly, a delicious aroma hit its nostrils. The creature looked down and saw… Something. It smelled like meat, but looked strange and packaged with other objects. It also smelled like their would be prey, and it smelled like she had more. Was it a trick? Poison? The beast sniffed. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiif….

    And ate up the burger in a single gulp! HungerHhad won it over at last. Licking its chops, the creature looked on expectantly at her. It’s a good thing she packed snacks!

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    Zoey begins emptying out her bag. When she’s done, she pulls out a bandage. Here eyes go back to their normal green as she exists focus. She says to it in a apologetic tone, “Sorry ‘bought the foot.” She offers to bandage it in what ever way she can offer, trying hard to make sure it understands. Honestly, a two year old could figure it out. She just hoped the thing is smarter than a two year old.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The big cat is happy to have some food. The large cat approached, opened its jaws… and licked Zoey in the face. Its mind now calm, it would be more open to communicating through telepathy. Perhaps… it can be convinced to join you, if you use your powers.

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    “Ah, well.. You wanna stick with me?” She asks it, then again with telekinetics… just to give it a try. She smiles.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    It’s super effective! The large cat is calmed, plopping down beside zoey in a show of gratitude. A long awaited (very long) ally for her!

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    Zoey scratches the top of the cat’s head. “Alright.. guess you’re sticking with me for now.” She says with a smile. She begins in the direction she was heading, motioning for the cat to follow. She knew she couldn’t keep it, though.. it would not only scare Lily but also they wouldn’t have enough food to feed it in the first place.. Still, she’ll keep it along with her for protection.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    For a while, Zoey would have a bodyguard of sorts. The cat would follow Zoey for a long while. For how long would it stay? Would hunger compel it to run off, or turn on her? Only the journey would tell.

    Before Zoey are two paths: one that leads deeper into the forest, the other past an ice field. What path does she take?

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    Zoey heads deeper in the forest. She’s came this far in, so why not continue?

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    As she continued deeper into the forest, light would be much harder to find. While she would be safe from the chilling cold, the woods around were a foreboding onyx black. However not all was lost. Along the path the moon lit up the gemstones in the trees, lighting the way. So long as she does not stray, she and the kitty will have light.

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    And sticking to the lights she is. Never to stray. She kept hold of the cat to be sure it stays with her. She hums the whole way along.

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     Fwufikins, the Maids™ 

    The large diamond toothed beast followed dutifully, but it was visibly nervous. This was approaching the boundaries of its territory, and even with keen night vision he had to be on the lookout for danger…

    In a snow drift, there was a whistling sound… the whistling sound would fly past Zoey’s head and fly off into the trees. And then… it happened again.

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