With Power, Pride, and Persistence.

Welcome to Persistence.

A mountainous, lush, and beautiful island called Palisade is home, containing a large volcano, a sizable swamp, a mountain range, a jungle, and a bustling port. (A more detailed map will be added soon.)

Stop in at the Red Sun Inn, or perhaps Sanctuary, a vast cave system able to house 2000 people and full of amenities to share. Enjoy what the city has to offer, from lush landscapes and parks to a library, schools, a hospital, and a gymnasium. Many other popular destinations await you.

Built in the wake of a long-forgotten empire, Persistence is worthy of its name. A powerful military, a fair police force, and the watchful eye of another city’s survivors ensure a new, fresh start for all of those who have taken up arms to forge this path. Instead of calling themselves heroes, the citizens have become rogues as they shape their world together.

Explore the ports. Find employment in various businesses, and enjoy free food, drink, and board at the Inn. Aid in the cultivation of agricultural marvels, or join in deep within the research labs as new discoveries are made daily.

Several other founding houses call the city home.

Visit the memorial for the fallen during your visit.

What are you waiting for? Visit Persistence today.

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