The Map of Palisade and the City of Persistence.

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      The Swamp– Due to the intense humidity of the island, a swamp has taken its grasp in the northern part of the island. A few daring residents seek solace in the swamp, as it is uninhabited, save for enormous insects and the dreaded swamp monster. The swamp monster does not attack outside of the swamp, but it has been known to attack unwanted guests. So far there is no photographic evidence of this great monster.

      The Mountains– To the east of the swamps, the terrain changes to great mountains. They can be steep and dangerous, but are otherwise a wonderful attraction for residents and tourists to enjoy, from the ground and the peak of the mountain. Be wary of the creatures that make these mountains their home however.

      The Volcano– At the top of the island, is this enormous and active peak. It is unknown of the last time it has erupted, but it still bubbles and churns magma hot enough to brand a demon. On the east side of the volcano, there is a luxury restaurant and spa, in case you’d like to enjoy the volcano while sipping a mimosa or are in the mood for a hot stone massage. It can be reached by skilift at the bottom of the volcano.

      The Ruins- On the west side of the volcano, are the ruins of an ancient temple from the civilization before Persistence. On the inside, the walls are decorated in beautiful glowing emeralds. There are alters and benches for some bizarre ritual that has yet to be deciphered. The temple is a home for frogs, the creature that these people worshipped and made idols after, as you can see on the walls inside. Some parts of the temple are open to the public, while other parts are locked beyond the power of magic. Any person who takes an item from the temple will find themselves cursed with a terrible case of salmonella and warts until said item is returned.

      The City of Persistence– Spread out for the most part, this is the only city on the entire island of Palisade. In the heart of it, is a trader’s post for merchants of all kinds to gather to sell their wares. There are a few places that were built by the first government leaders but are open to the public to use. House Lannister is the dedicated home for the President and Vice President (now the Day and Night Court, or however the government is running these days), enormous in size and guarded by dedicated soldiers of Persistence. Within the center of it, is the Garden of Betrayal, aptly named to remind the current leaders to be wary of corruption, although the garden is used for parties and government affairs. House Krieg is the second building, made by former senator Mick Rawson. The building is primarily a gymnasium for every type of person, regardless of species or lifestyle, including combat training. House Krieg is the first recreational facility built in Persistence.

      The Memorial- West of the city of Persistence, is an obelisk made of black stone, dedicated to the heroes that have given their lives directly to the city of Persistence to defend it. So far, the names written upon it are, Peter Baelish, Jaime Lannister, and Blaze Grim.

      The Red Sun Inn– owned by Jerry and Jessie, the inn rests south of the city, although it is considered a part of Persistence. The drinks are free, as well as food and board. A definite must visit for any traveler.

      The Docks– The main hub for import and export of Persistence, run by Maleficent. The docks, while seemingly small, have more than enough room for all kinds of ships, including intergalactic. Trade here, is the main source of income for Persistence.

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      new location to add- Vietnow Radio’s cave station. just off to the left of Red Sun, in the woods.


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