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dragons friend or foe

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      tell to me your opinion on the dragons,are they to be friend or to be killed,do they have wings or arms,tell me all you know of them here for all to share.

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      Dragons have as many variations across the multiverse as there are variations of people, and so it is difficult to say.  The typical ‘dragon’ would have two distinct types, commonly referred to as Western and Eastern.  That being the traditional western dragon with four legs and a pair of wings, and the traditional eastern dragon which is a long snakelike body with four legs and no wings.  Commonly referred to as dragons, Wyverns have a pair of legs and a pair of wings which act as a second pair of legs, being used to walk when they are on the ground.  There are many other types of draconid species that are often referred to as dragons themselves, like Wyrms which have long snakelike bodies and a pair of frontal legs and even wings sometimes.


      Many dragons and draconid species have varying levels of intelligence, from being mindless feral creatures all the way up to wisened intellect of thousands of years.  Just as well, the level of magic within such species can also vary greatly, from completely nonmagical flesh and blood creatures, all the way up to walking magical powerhouses of legend and pillars of creation.  This can also have drastic effects on the type of breath weapon, the most common feature of a true dragon.  Elements of all varieties have been demonstrated, and even unique variations such as the use of Dragon Language to impose magical effects on the world around them.

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        hmm yes this is good information, it will help greatly,keep up the good work and you shall be greatly rewarded.all that help the dragon cult are.


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