The Hostile takeover of Improvidence- Anders becomes Supreme Leader

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     Anders Of The Blood 

    Anders sees that the chaos of Consequence will effect him directly. His business empire  impacted by the invasion of Augustus Giovanni. Without a hope of defeating an Antediluvian Vampyre and not willing to ally himself with the Resistance- he seeks alternatives.

    Tell them they have a saviour


    The envoys sent by Anders to Improvidence do not return so he and his beloved Sister/Mater- Brigitte investigate.

    Take Me To Your Leader


    Anders takes over.

    Improvidence Rising


    Anders captures the Mother of Twine. She is retrieved but loses the Judas Spear- a God Killing weapon.

    Look for rescue and be trapped by your own weakness




    Anders now controls the forgotten colony of Improvidence and has a lot of work to do.

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