Ridley’s Potion Emporium

  • Xander Grimguard stepped into the unassuming potion emporium with a curious gleam in his hazel eyes. His truly terrible luck with portals had somehow brought the brown haired young man to this town, but the excitement he’d felt at finding a potion shop of all things easily beat out the annoyance of being transported against his will once again.…[Read more]

    • The elven woman had been spending the afternoon restocking her shelves. The entire shop was obviously old, dark, dusty wood frames and floorboards gave that away. As did the scent of musty old books and timber, though this scent was buried behind a veil of lavender and thyme, hung in bundles from the rafters all about her shop. The blonde woman…[Read more]

    • “Well, health potions are always helpful. But really I was curious about what other types of potions you have available. I’m not too well versed in the subject, y’know?” Xander grinned and glanced around the shop, noting the hanging herbs and the numerous glass vials and flasks. The place definitely had an authentic and traditional feel to it,…[Read more]

      • “Indeed they are! I have a few potions that’ll repair any wounds you happen to incur.” As she said that, she set down the thick book and spread it open, its pages unfurling and settling on either side as she set her finger down to start reading. “Hmm. Permanent effects? No potion has permanent effects, it’s all temporary. Lasts as long as the…[Read more]

        • “Potions that heal wounds would be great. Do you have any that give regeneration for a period of time rather than just an immediate heal? That would probably help for some dangerous situations.” Xander put a finger to his chin in thought, going over the kinds of potions he might want to have in the future. “My travels take me to all sorts of…[Read more]

  • “Oh dear. The shop just hasn’t been getting that much business lately. Maybe someone will come by soon? I’ve got to sell these potions somehow!”

    • “Welcome to my shop!” The elf girl chimed from behind her counter. “Perhaps I can interest you in some of my potions? Or are you looking for anything in particular?”

  • Welcome, one and all, to my little shop! Feel free to browse to your heart’s content. If you have any questions about my potions, please ask! I also dabble in commissions so if there’s a potion you’d like that I don’t have in stock, let me know and I’ll make it for you for a small fee!

    Now, a few of my potions are on sale. I have the…[Read more]

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