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ROOST is a program initiative kicked off by a medical practitioner of Hellifyno to replace the old system of HERD which was once Hellifyno’s primary medical research program and team. Using the full twenty five miles of space and the resources provided by ORBIT, it’s founder, Lumina Smoldros, took the opportunity to bring all of her state of the art medical knowledge to the last frontier, space. Using base knowledge and a team of elite engineers, they took up a base on one of the 6th planet’s moons, known as Mimas where a rudimentary base was built till a larger one could be initiated.


The moon itself acts as a buffer against the magical radiation that comes off the planet. It’s comprised of lush green wildlife and plants in a constant state of growth and often has to be trimmed and cut around the facility to keep it from being overridden. The moon itself is naturally cold, offering very little heat except what comes from the 6th planet itself.


It has two rings like the planet that protect it with what is believed to be magical wards from a long ago life force that burns constantly. The facility itself is comprised of several medical wards itself that range from quarantine to maternity. It specializes in out of the box methods of healing and one of its wards are well known for its peculiar drawl, using Succubi to heal patients who are above the legal age and who are consenting.


It’s staff range from all sorts of magical creatures on Hellifyno but one common thing among them is that none are inherently evil or corrupt. They accept all sorts of patients and life forms and their loading bays are built in with highly sought after tech that allows portaling straight on board the base, though weapons are taken right at the entrance and a state of the art security team comprised of exoskeleton wearing security detail provide protection during day and night.

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