The Grass Fields

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    The grass fields of Rulvalta can go so far.
    I don’t even think I have explored it all.

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    Wandering the vast universe I stumble upon a Warp and fall into a portal. The small portal takes me to a field of wild grass. I almost miss my step but I catch my self before I fall forward. I look around confused and wonder.

    “Where in God’s name am I?”

    I walk around for a while to get a feel for my surroundings, but all I see is more grass. This is very strange…. I keep wondering the fields hoping that maybe I’ll find something.

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    After a day or two explorations, the Grate Voice told me to come back to the fields. As I wandered through the almost endless fields of grass I see far off a figure. It is not a tree or a strange bush,  or a tall wondering leaf. I think… It might be a… person? I wonder if this person is lost?

    She slowly walks closer to the young man staring out at the fields still thinking to herself of all the wise words the great voice has cautioned her of. I hope he is not of good or evil.

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    As I walked the endless fields questioning where I am and why I am still here I freeze when I hear foot steps behind me. There is someone else here… I quickly turned, bending the matter of the orbs into a bow and arrow, ready to fire.

    However,  thrown off at the site of the creature standing before him. She was a small thing. Cute, innocent, green… He holds he ground and speaks loudly and clearly.

    ” Who are you and what is your purpose here? Answer me the truth and I won’t shoot you and take your soul.”

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    She stands up straight and takes two steps forward. “In truth, I should be asking you that question. My name is Sill and this…”
    She pauses for a moment still questioning the phrase. “This is my world…”
    One could tell by the tone of her voice that it almost sounded like she was in disbelief. “I am a healer and partial protector. Now tell me.” as she unsheathes her bone sword and points it directly at the man in front of her. “Who are you, and what is your purpose here?”

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     He stares at her curiously,  he thinks to himself as to why she  would question her own words.  After a short moment he speaks. ” To tell you the truth, I have no true purpose here. As to who I am,  it would be best the less you know. However, because you were so kind as to give yours. My name is Valix”

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    “Velix… Do you know of a force known as good and evil? And if so, are you good or evil?”

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     His face straightens out as he thinks of a proper answer. ” Well… I’m not  sure of this Force you speak of, but I do know that with my current job I can neither side with good or evil. Now,  my turn to ask a question. Where am I?”

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    She lowers her weapon and smiles at him ” Welcome to the grass fields of Rulvalta. So you know there is not much here but if what you say is true and you are not of good or evil then I can take you to my forest.”

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     He lowers his weapon and it forms back into the orange orbs now floating above him. ” You’re a strange girl and becaus of this I don’t know whether to trust you.”

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    I look up at the sky and I start to notice  stars as the sun stars to set. “It is not safe at night in the fields, come with me to the forest where  it is safe.” I extend out my hand in hopes  that he will take it.

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    I stare at her hand, thinking twice before finalizing my decision. I hope this isn’t a trap, but hey if it is, she knows the consequences.  I exhale slowly, hope for the best and take her hand.

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    I smile bright and start running with him to the forest. I new we had to hurry and I hope he could keep up the pace.

    ( OOC- A quick  notice. We will have to paws here and continue in a chat. I will be setting it up soon and mesa you when it is ready. This is going to be interesting and I do hope I am doing this correctly.

    On the other hand … I don’t think I can… I will have to create another forum and specify that it is only for people I invite over…

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    (OOC- Its okay. This is really interesting so far and I am loving the artwork.  I would like to tell you if this is correct or not but this is also my first time here. Let’s hope for the best?)



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