New Dawn

Sat beneath the ruins of a fallen nation, New Dawn is a sanctuary for the soulless creatures of the void; hidden beneath the ground in a vast array of caverns, the city is mostly surrounded by slums, sectioned off by high walls, in a very primitive, yet effective, medieval style of defence.

The primary entrance to the city is a large cave mouth, surrounded by a fortress, acting as a gatehouse, and the only other village other than New Dawn in the Kaiserreich of New Dawn. Past the twin gates, is a large tunnel, heading down in a shallow slope for some distance, lit with basic electrical lights dangling loosely from the roof of the cave, and the bottom of this tunnel, another set of gates, that leads into the city proper.

A large cavern, miles across, and impossibly tall give the underground city a feeling of openness, and an artificial, magic-created day/night cycle bring more life to the area. Towards the entrance to this cavern, is where most  developed public buildings are, great marketplaces, trading posts, inns, taverns, homes, living complexes and temples dedicated to the void all reside here, a lot of which, rest along the sides of the widest, longest road in the developed part of the city, with hundreds of little off-roads, footpaths, and alleyways.

At the end of this street, lies another fortress, and within that, a palace. The home of the Kaiser, and where their inner court may also reside. Also within this great fortress, are many military buildings, barracks, and training grounds; just outside of the fortress, however, are many of the wealthier residences, emphasising the class divide of the ‘Single City Empire’, as from their rooftops, these residences have a view of the vast slum network, surrounding the city at its outskirts.

The slums around the city are home to the majority of the population of the Kaiserreich, millions of soulless reside in temporary homes, with disease, pollution, and Irradiating AM that seeps in from the wasteland above the surface.

The Majority of people in New dawn are soulless, creatures of the void, which breed rapidly, the cause of the overpopulation crisis. And although the nation overall is technologically backwards, it’s people are fierce, resilient fighters, with capable magic at their disposal. Most are highly patriotic, and somewhat Xenophobic to none-soulless, but even with this sense of patriotism, the recent atrocities, and foul rumours spread about the Kaiserin, Alysha Schonherr, are starting to fuel hushed whispers of rebellion on the outskirts.

Alysha’s influence with the void keeps the potential rebels in line…for now, but with her current mental condition, and seemingly ever increasing anti-void actions, how long will the fragile peace last?

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