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      The capital of the massive continent it is the headquarters of the juggernauts in cyber-ware and AI technology. But there is an underbelly to this world keep far away from it’s polished skyscrapers and lavish casinos. Be careful where you step, even the cleanest of places harbor secrets most foul.

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      There are many heavy players in the vie for leadership in AI and cybernetic technology but none take the crown over TechCo. To gain such a title did not come easily it took hard work, determination and the many hard workers that put their blood and soul into the very foundations TechCo stands for. We here at TechCo strive for excellence in our products weither it is a system for your home to secure and maintain it’s interior or exterior, a new life companion be it pet, child or partner; To protect you in a time of distress with out latest weaponry options or even just to make your life easier with out easy to afford augmentations.
      We also lead the the most scholarships and grants given out to the community, just last fall we granted over 1 million credits to the young innovators program helping to cultivate and grow our future leaders in this wonderful industry. We even gifted a scholar with a new implant to help them with their studies! Adrina F. Platt grew up in a life of poverty and hardship caring for her brother while her single father struggled with chem addition. She vows to improve augmentation technology in his honor after his passing just after her high school graduation. As she pioneers a new generation of thinkers her family is in our thoughts.
      We make up 85% of the human and android workforce on Sector G after a recent survey was taken. Quite the accomplishment! In this competitive industry jobs are constantly circulating. So whether you want reliable products, empathic outreach in our community or a new job in a fast pace career TechCo is the place to serve you.

      We are always with you.

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