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      Think of this as a blog spot for this location specifically. Any PM encounters or engagement with this world can be written and posted here to share with others.

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      Welcome to Cybele: Promises and Pretense

      After some scraping online Atrix would find article after article on a company leading the race in cybernetic and AI tech and they happened to be headquartered so very far away from the planet that has wanted posters around every corner. After speaking to a recruitment representative they explain there is a ship heading there now to collect potential employees with a few nights stay paid hotel room and a tour of their thriving city. There will be an evaluation on day 2 to determine the job offers for each candidate and on day three there is the signing into the company or a ticket for safe passage back to Earth. Arriving planet side he finds himself immediately met with the busy and almost dizzying cityscape. Neon lights and all sorts of flying vehicles and drones. There are so many people walking around it is a wonder they can all live here.

      This was the opportunity of a lifetime. He had to accept…but departure would be less than easy. He would have to keep a low profile, abbreviate his name, and whatever he does, he will NOT be social to anyone. He’s not getting arrested on this planet despite his countless services. Besides, who can pass up some badass upgrades?

      There are three other candidates and they have their faces almost pressed into the glass of the windows. They finally touch ground and the flight staff guide them out into the station. There a woman stands with a sign that says “Earth Candidates.” She is dressed in white, pristine and smiling. “Hello, welcome to Cybele! I am Savine and I’ll be your TechCo guide for your visit and hopeful stay here.”

      It all worked according to plan. Nobody recognized him, nobody arrested him, no guns were pointed at him. It was perfect. He greeted the lady as well. “Hi, I’m A. M. Tyler. I was interested in a job here along with upgrades on my enhancements. I applied on Earth prior to departing to this planet to work at TechCo.”

      To anyone on Sector G Atrix was sadly (or most fortunately) no one. His crimes were distant and insignificant here. If he broke laws here…then he had reason to be concerned but that was not the current topic. Savine perks when the man speaks. She smiles a wide pristine smile. “Oh of course that is why you all are here! We will get into the job tomorrow. Today we will tour the city, really get a hands on experience of what Cybele and TechCo has to offer you if you choose to stay and live here. Your bags will be taken for you to the hotel. For now, follow me!” Her heels click, hips sway rhythmically as she leads the way. They come out of the station into the heart of the city tall skyscrapers and clean streets packed with cars and people. Drones hum about watching, recording. “This is the heart of Cybele, you will find tourist hotels and stores of all types around here including TechCo’s Augmentation body shoppe, medical center and AI Emporium!” There are clothing stores, jewelry shops, tech repair hubs and all other things one might desire to pay a polite service for. Savine pauses letting them all stop wherever they choose especially at the TechCo locations.

      First, obviously, Atrix chooses the body mods area. He opened the door and looked inside. Inside was a waiting room and a front desk, along with pictures on the walls and televisions. As he sat down, he looked through a catalogue and read the different types of body mods he could get. Surprisingly – it was every type he could think of. Arms, legs, brain, penis…and even more. He also found the women’s section, which added breast implants. He chuckled silently. He set down the catalogue and walked to the front desk.

      There is a very cheerful clerk there. “Hello! Welcome to The Body Shoppe how may I assist you?”

      “I was just looking for some upgrades on my enhancements.” He showed the clerk his arms and flashed his cybernetic eye.

      The clerks eyes *flash* Neon grey a moment. Did he just scan him. The man leans still for a moment then scrolling on his touch pad he swipes wide and a few suggested enhancements glow on Atrix’s arms and eye.The clerk goes into details about the improved tech he sells offering better magnification to his sight, heat recognition option, a sharper night vision lens and an extended shelf life with the improved micro lithium battery to keep it all powered. With a chip implant everything he sees can be downloaded to a backup system in case he ever needs documentation to an eye witness encounter or just to look back at great memories. He does the same for his arms, better grip like that of a clamp, paired greatly with a stronger plating that can even slow energy blasts, build in software gestures to control programs within that chip mentioned before for his eye.

      “All of this does sound great. What’s the maximum amount of upgrades I get on my tools?” He asked, staring at the cheerful clerk with an exited yet skeptical expression. In his mind, he was not only interested in the upgrades, but he was also somewhat…put off by the man scanning him. Weird…was this normal? Or was someone watching him?

      The man smile never wavers. “There is no maximum! As long as you can pay we can do the work! My data shows me you are here visiting for a potential job opportunity with TechoCo. I must say, I have really enjoyed serving people through this amazing company. A percentage of your pay will be docked depending on what augments you choose. You can add more augments at anytime with a renew financial contract upon purchase. Savine had gathered up the other candidates and found Atrix last. “Mr.Tyler, we do have to keep schedule, are you ready?” Savine leads the group to a nice restaurant for lunch. Some crazy mix of traditional Chinese Pho but with European influence. The dishes glow, sparkle or burst into none burning flames to everyone delight. Savine has nothing to eat but claps and smiles as if she had never seen these theatrics before but she had to have right? This is her job after all.

      Atrix felt odd. These people weren’t acting like people at all…in fact they were acting like they were…artificial? Nah!…they can’t be, right? …….RIGHT?

      The tour continues. Everyone else seems pretty enchanted with the place, with TechCo and their expansive reach over the city. The rides in nice hover crafts and getting first spot in most places they visi,t it really is a nice first time visit to any who come to TechoCo for opportunity. The day goes on, museums, a botanical garden with a huge dome park, A ride on the express metro over looking the whole city as they travel at insane speeds on the high elevated tracks. The evening begins to set in and Savine slides each of them a blue card. “Curtesy of TechCo is 15,000 credits, please feel free to go to your room relax a moment order a fine meal and then a nice suit or dress, we have one more stop before our tour ends for the day I will meet you all in the lobby in three hours. The blue card also has a holographic print of their room number. The hotel room and is clean, sleek and modern in feel. Minimalist furniture black, white or gray with chrome accents. The bathroom has a stand in waterfall shower, garden tub and there is a small kitchenette as well.

      Although everything he came across seemed fantastic, he was more than concerned with the people here. What were they up to? Who were they? Can I even use human pronouns on them? He sat on his hotel bed and thought for a few moments.

      Outside he might hear commotion. “Stop! You are under arrest!” There is the sound of the public crowd gasping and making much noise.

      The polished streets are in a little disarray. There seems to be an upstart. Several TechCo Ad signs are tagged with digital graffiti. “Liars.” “Break the chains.” “Murderers.” People dressed very nicely are bumped into as the assailant speeds through the crowd. The hidden figure in a coat, mask, pants and boots. They aren’t even running into people and they seem to move…faster than any human should.It could be augments. “Its the disturbed crowd of people who are bumping into each other trying to get out of the way. It slows the police down but two droids are above the runner. It turns at the hip and points two energy pistols at the units shooting into the air. That sends everyone to the ground and the assailant around the corner out of sight. After a few minutes the police round too and things seem to…just calm down. People get up…hurrying but back to their normal walk. A tense mutter of voices speaking on what has been happening.

      Atrix couldn’t believe it. What did he just see?! He had to know. But goddamn it…he still has that thing to go to! What to do, what to do…damn it!!! Maybe after work he can try standing in an alleyway at that same time. Maybe after that he can spray paint “TechCo” on the wall of a building and put an ‘X’ over it.

      Would that get this figure’s attention?


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      Written by Atrix:

      Atrix was walking through the city, quiet. All of a sudden, however, he would soon hear a voice – asking for credits by paying with sex. She had no legs – she was saving up to pay off another month with them. For now, they were confiscated. Damn. Atrix couldn’t resist but want to help. He took her to a prosthetics shop, but damn it, too expensive. He offered her to take her to the hotel with him. However, when he got back with her, the androids began acting rude and hateful to them. They took the woman from Atrix, as she screamed and punched. Atrix then did the only thing he could do – set off his EMP. Everything TechCo shut down within a 50 meter radius. Atrix picked up the woman and ran as she directed him to another nearby city – one quite the opposite of what they had been seeing. Dirty, broken, abandoned. The woman directed Atrix to a warehouse where he came by a number of disabled people. That day, he vowed to reenable everyone there who had been defcted by TechCo and build an empire. And so he began his work by making his own prosthetic, mechanical limbs and organs to reenable them. He opened a workshop for everyone. That was when they started building an empire – a TechCo resistance.

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      This is a collab piece written by Atrix Tyler and K8(Kate):


      K8 was there, dressed in her usual attire, today it was a jacket with tank top and tight pants and boots. Blacks and greys with chrome detailing. She looked the same but not for long, her hair behind to fade to a different color, eyes changing color too, even her skin shifting tone. Her lips quiver and contort. Her nose seems to break and length, nostrils changing size. Before Atrix eye Kate became…a different woman.

      “Wow…after this, could you give me some information on how the fuck that is so awesome!” He said to K8.

      K8 smirks. She dust off her jacket and looks around. “So, where do I stand? You’re up first?” K8 looked to be twitchy maybe even…nervous?

      “I’m up.” He walked to the camera. “Go…over there and watch the monitor. Spike, turn me on.” He stood and took a couple deep breaths. He wore a suit and tie, along with long pants and black shoes. Spike turned on the camera.


      And everyone’s TVs were hacked in the middle of a TechCo commercial. The screen distorts then flickers back on stable.

      As he began to air the video, it started out as a panoramic view of the city, slowly turning from right to left. Next, it shows the words “TechCo may provide best for who wants it,” then came the panoramic view of the broken down city, planning from right to left. “But not who needs it,” it said. It then shows all of the disabled and broken people. “TechCo plays a game with you.” It showed footage of Kyran an augment Atrix was close to…whom he helped restore, struggling to move. “If they don’t like you,” it then showed the explosion of a building made by TechCo. “…then they’ll take you to hell. However…there is a way to fight back.” It showed a back view of Atrix. “A resistence.” It showed the side view. “A way to fix the world TechCo has corrupted.” It finally turns white at the end with black text on the screen. “Join the resistance. Alert us.”

      K8 watches the video and the images are hard to watch. For an android she looks strangely disturbed about the human life abused and taken here. The screen cuts to K8 now live after that showing. “Greetings Cybele…you might be asking yourself? Is this true? Could one major manufacture have a hold over MY life? My family? Friends? I say…this is good thing to ask yourself of us, and of TechCo.” In the top right corner there is video showing. People strapped to tables screaming being injected with what could be guessed as experimental chems. It switches to a personal recording of a man being pinned down on the street of the less lavish side of the city. They are literally tearing is augmented limbs off. A soldier straddles the man with a wrench and lowers it to his robotic eye before the video cuts off. “Everyday citizens are being lured, coerced, into deals to warped their bodies, damaged or not. And when they finally are unable to pay for them, when they are so addicted to chems they cannot live without out, they take it all away as well as what life they had built before. All for the sake of greed.”

      The video turns to lewd close up acts done on self aware androids before being shot in the back of the head. The camera always cutting off before the carnage if finished out. A row of half put together androids looking confused and lost as they are beaten, pushed around and then finally shot in a line. “And now they play gods using the most sophisticated software to create not only tools to work for our society, but self aware slaves…” She looks down and takes a breath as the video stops. “You know the stories, of the terrorist stand off at Dexeria’s Shopping Mall and most recent the gas explosion in downtown Cybele. They would have you believe it was terrorist that would you would not be safe without them…” Actual footage from her own vision shows the buildings burning and the augments Atrix new and helped for months were running out screaming before being gunned down. The footage stops. “Do those look like terrorist to you? …Now is the time, we must rise against this corruption. It’s rooted in TechCo but it stems out to your local legislative, to your women and men in arms on the police force…to the underbelly no one likes to talk about. We can all be free of these chains. Join us. Look for the signs and in a few months time we will rise up to take about our city and live together….” She takes a deep breath and peels off her skin to show her metal chrome face, her glowing eyes still the same. “Android, Augment and man. To enter a new era of democracy and free market and truly improve our world…”

      “Join the fight.”

      The screen goes back and the regular viewed broadcast returns, continuing on but nobody’s watching anymore.

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      Day one for Izabella Luxe…

      The fancy luxury ships are nice, clean and smooth. The opposite of the the standard cruiser ship that transport the not so rich and promising. Yet people drawn to the tech and it’s possibilities come to this planet sector G. It is made up of one massive continent surrounded by water. The outter southern rum dry and desolate while as it rises from the planet equator it gets more vibrant with mountainous terrian on the northern rim. It is to the center the ship lowers to. To Cybele the capital of this simple laid yet vastly complex society. The ride shakes more and more as they head towards the landing zone but the view has everyone distracted from their discomfort.

      Analytical eyes of the teen were glued on the enchanting scene below, a smirk tugging at the edge of her pink lips, she liked the colour blue… as evident by her appearance… She had light blue hair that combed over into a darker tip, towards the edge of which, even looked like it was glowing a dark blue. She had gentle green eyes that eagerly peered to the giant glowing opportunity of a city below. She had very pale, gentle skin, and a very feminine physique, not hinting at all to the strength she possessed within her blood, a mixture of natural human blood, nano-tech, and a bunch of other things probably, she knew that she had been modified genetically ever so slightly, or so she was told, who knew what the doctor /actually/ did to her… it was all based on trust… trust she no longer had… she was leaning against a wall as she looked out of the window, seemingly unaffected by the rocking and swaying of the vessel.

      They touch down on the landing zone. Orange lights trail in blinking succession leading the masses from the ship ino the station. Well she is here! The station is teeming with life both organic and synthetic. Humans dressed in cyberpunk style, many with augmentations some more than others. The Androids seem to be working for the station mostly in the same tight black and green uniforms, a few personal androids with their very fine dressed owners.

      She smiled, and looked around, eyes adjusting to the new light of the beaming city, she then stretched her arms, and rolled her shoulders, looking forward, physically and metaphorically. she cracked her knuckles, and rolled her neck, before continuing onward, attempting to leave the port… she seemingly had nothing with her.

      With nothing but her body she is immediately thrown into the heart of the city tall skyscrapers and clean streets packed with cars and people. Drones hum about watching, recording. As with any city there are many places to go, many ways tot get there. By foot or hover cab or maybe a creative means? The city itself has it’s pretty tourist side but with some searching there is also a gritty, more realistic view of the place and anything in between. From parks to “Entertainment” Clubs there is so much to do. That of course is up to Izzy.

      a gentle ‘hmm’ escaped the girl’s pink lips as she noticed the drones, more surveillance than where she is from it would seem… maybe a symbol of less corruption in the government… or more… that could wait, she needed her bearings, a map, anything, but first! a club! she could use a drink! she picked up the pace slightly, her inside pocket rattling ever so slightly, barely enough to be noticed, even with enhanced, or mechanical ‘ears’.

      Eden is the brightest most illustrious club. With android dancers and servers that can actually be “rented” for use at the right price. With a three level dance floor playing different popular music there is a choice for anyone. The lights are dimly lit with a soft blue glow to everything. Tubes of androids posing and smiling for those who enter. A few models are on the high risen dance stages about the main room giving a show on the poles. There is a long bar a light with neon blue lights fully stocked and served by a handsome server android. The dance floor lit with people dancing together both organic, synthetic or augmented alike.

      Izzy would walk inside, her hips gently swaying now with her movements. She gave a small flick of her head to knock her hair out of her face. She better be old enough to to drink here. Last world she was on had a “25+” rule, TWENTY FIVE. JEEZ! she walked over to the bar, leaning over it in such a way that emphasised the teen’s rear slightly. “what do you have?” she asked the android behind the bar, the very handsome android.

      The android begins charmingly telling off the list of drink orders. Meanwhile in the ground a large man with a cybernetic eye was pacing around looking…searching…For what? Potential cash outs. He was scanning faces for global and galactic bounties and what would he find but a pretty little thing at the bar with a list as long as his di- “Out of the way!” He shouts as someone is dancing before him. He pushes them and they smack against a wall collapsing in pain. The guy he was with panicking and trying to help him up. Rude. This bounty hunter, Cage, heads towards the bar and smiles the biggest grin at Izzy. “My my my…aren’t you a fine piece. Can I buy you a drink?”

      “Go ahead” she smiled, unaware of his intentions, or the fact that word of her immense bounty had travelled so far. Another small flick of the head was given to knock hair out of her young, pretty face, pretty by her standards anyway. she turned to face him, leaning sideways against the bar. An elbow propped up against the bar, a hand against her pale cheek.

      “Hey bartender let me get-” And it was in that moment he would grasp for her head with his hand. His aim to smack it on the bar with solid force. He applied quiet a bit, enough to knock out a man let alone a woman. He was not giving any possible opening because of her sex. He gave no shits about hitting a woman apparently.

      Before she even had a chance to resist! SHIT THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. she was out cold. her forehead bleeding now

      The room gasp and the hulking man looks around. “You know wot? Never mind…Not thirsty for this kitty piss.” He stands and grabbing the woman by the collar he is dragging her outside. “I got a lovely bunch of creds my way dittley dee…” He softly sings with a sort of sick delight. No one stops the hulking figure. He gets her to the back alley where he his car is at and slings her into the trunk. He does a fast search of her pockets for weapons and just anything good he could keep.

      there was only one thing in her visible pockets. a small black ball, it was quite heavy for its size, only being about 2 inches in diameter, very dense… made of an unknown metal. There wouldn’t be any response from her as he searched her. She had weapons, but they were VERY well hidden.

      He feels very little except…a ball. He takes it and rolls it on his palm curious. “Huh would you look at that…” He smirks amused by what looks like a toy and making sure her arms and legs are within the ride

      he slams he trunk close. He gets in the hover craft and starts it up. It ignites and lifts off the ground hovering of course and sets the course to his domain. He whistles watching a x rated video as he leans back in his seat. In his hand he rolls the ball in is palms and then tries turning it in his thick fingers absently. They were headed out of the city into the country not quite Mana’ork but with large plots of land and small solar houses that shinned like metallic domes.

      her arms and legs were tucked within… sure…a toy… if she were conscious to hear that, she would grin, but she wasn’t, unfortunately.,… she would toss and turn a bit as she lay in the back, groaning a little. though she wasn’t awake, not just yet…

      The drive is not a short one. Fourty-Five minutes. They get to a shinny dome and he climbs out. plasma pistol in one hand, playing with her ball in the other. “Open.” The trunk opens and he aims it at the woman. Awake? If not he is kicking the bottom on the craft to shake her. “Rise and shine pretty little thing.”

      her eyes would open a little, and she would groan. “ugh…” “shit,,,” she murmured, seeing him “couldn’t have drugged my drink or anything?” she remarked, because her head fucking hurt! a lot!

      “That’s cred I ain’t spending for your comfort doll. Now be a good girl and stand up nice and slowly for me. He would prompt her with the pointing of his gun to head towards the dome that shines pretty in the glow of the big blue moon. It looks like a very tall silo.

      “alright… alright…” she slowly got to her feet. placing her hands above her head. she was smirking. she was thinking.

      He keeps playing with that ball and leading her inside not seeing the smirk. It is dark inside. And she would hear the thunk of her ball setting on a flat surface. Then after a moment the barrel of his pistol pressing into her back. She is pushed to a spot then her hands grabbed above her head and attempted to be locked into over head restraints. He is close…too close smelling her hair.

      that ball, a few moments after being set down, would silently open up, a small, spider-like, black robot crawling out, before the ball closed back up again, restoring to it’s previous weight and density, as if nothing ever left…. it would scurry silently to the ceiling. Meanwhile, her hands are llocked over her head into restraints. she looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable as he sniffed her hair.

      His hands lower to her hips cradling them. “In a moment I’m about to contact those hunting a fitting bounty on your head…I could…answer any last request before they come to do whatever they plan to do with you…” He whispers the last part into her ear with a primal like growl.

      The small bot would attempt to find the electricity main for the building, and if successful, it would spray a tiny amount of a dark liquid onto it, fizzling it out. Izzy remained silent. If the bot was successful. no lights were on, or would be coming on for quite some time, and all other electricity requiring functions (that weren’t connected to an external power source) would be disabled.

      it happens but it us undetected. “What do you say doll? We can do this the easy way…Give you a good fleeting farewell?” His pistol still in hand roams up one side, it sweet over her stomach and points the barrel right under her chin. “Hmm?”

      she sheds a tear. but then slowly, and reluctantly nods… she blinks, and then looks down. The bot, meanwhile, slowly crawled up towards a smoke alarm…

      “Good lass…keep this up I might keep you for the week…” He licks her earr and lets his hands roam now feeling the curves of her body. “I’m augmented to last all night my pretty…” He is completely unaware caught up in his own games of comfort. How many times has he done this? In the dark it was hard to tell bet the routine seems second nature…well practiced.

      her plan seemed to be going well, even if ths asshole was being like this, repulsing… it brought back some bad memories… she had a plan to get out, and hopefully kill this fucker. “mmm… maybe we should drop the guns.” she expected him to say no, which is what she wanted, if he said yes, that was even better.

      “I have the gun sweet heart.” She could hear his other hand fussing with his pants. The fall to his ankles and his…need presses against her daringly. You can hear the smile in his voice. “Just think of it as your motivation to keep me happy. He then roughly tries to work her own pants down. “You like that don’t you?”

      they fell down. Leaving the teen’s legs quite bare, obviously, the more…womanly parts… were coveered by underwear… the smoke alarm would go off, beeping its horrid scream as the bot created a bit of smoke out of its abdomen, before running off and hiding.

      “Shit!” He hisses and stops what he is doing. He backs away trying to hurry and pull up his pants. He stumbles to the work bench and tries the lights. “The fuck?” I tries again. His eyes glow suddenly two blinding lights like light bulbs, “He looks around up and over the room taking a glance to Izzy posed as she is for his own twisted ego stroke. “He charges up a cell to shoot wondering if a critter had gotten to the wiring.” Hang tight pretty…I’ll be right back to finish what we started. He heads for the breaker

      suddenly! he would feel something scurry up his legs, and if successful, plunge its fangs into his lower leg, pumping some thick black liquid into his viens which would coarse around his body, staining the skin black around the veins and arteries, and when… if… it reached his heart, there would be an incredible pain, hopefully all of his augmentations would fail, qnd he would be rendered useless.. meanwhile… she grinned, wickidly, hopefully seeing this piece of shit suffer.

      He stops at the feel of something scurrying on his leg. He gives a scared shaky sound in his throat and at the same time tries to shake his leg. It is not use as the creature us attached well and even better when those fangs sink in. Loud cursing ensues as he grabs at the thing to toss it in the air and blast it to pieces. “On shot…one shot is all he gets before his heart is…it feels like a thousand needles stabbing it at the same time. He can only roar in pain and collapse clutch his chest. His eyes flicker and his augmented arms go limp along with another appendage. He is left to scream in pain as his augmented legs give in last. He is limply laying there crying in torment as the pain is still there and he can do nothing about it.

      she would give a wicked laugh, pulling up her clothes again so they fit back on, fixing her hair… “oh dear… whats the problem” she said, one of her inside pockets now rattling slightly, that inside pocket had previously been hidden… so had this… Her right arm began to shift slightly on the lower forearm. before with a slight splatter of blood, a pair of mantis like claws would spurt out, twitching lightly before they calmed down, the razor-sharp appendages stretched. They were a metallic silver, only illuminated by the faint, dark blue glowing hues of her outfit. she would take a step towards him, her small heeled boots echoing slightly. a chance to gain some rep, it would seem.

      “You fucking bitch! You bitch!” It’s all he can scream through the pain as she laughs down at him as she turns her arm into…whatever it was that was coming out of her arm. He couldn’t move! Couldn’t fight! Not like this…he stares into her eyes and even augmented as they are..she could sense he is afraid of her.

      she would stand above him, “seems the tables have turned. that ‘liquid’ she had pumped into him, was not a liquid at all, rather a stream of millions upon millions of nanobots. “now… why should I spare you?” She was a twisted bitch. she sort of… liked to see his pain…

      He has done terrible things…horrible things and in this moment that terrible horrible man…pisses himself. He looks away unable to truly see anything with everything he has built in himself turning off. Soon his heart would join the rest. “…I don’t want to die…” He snivels and shakes now with that fear rising as he feels himself going.

      she let out a low sigh, before seemingly without doing anything, he would regain the ability to use his arms, ONLY his arms, and the pain from his heart would fade, though he would still feel it there… “ANSWER ME!” she demanded, she didn’t have much of an imposing figure, but when you have nanobots and a woman with a mantis claw looming above you, anyone seems scary… right?

      He feels more in control of his limbs but something is wrong…he can feel it…she did this, gave him his strength back…se could take it away. He quickly searches for a reason she should not kill him. “I-I-I know people…people with access to place and things, things you might like to get a cut on.” He stares at her with a look of shock.

      “oh really?” she said, bending her knees and leaning in. He was her puppet now. she grinned. “tell me more, before I take away more than just your strength.” her tone a little harsher. she wasn’t usually like this, but he had fucked with her, she was going to fuck with him.”oh really?” she said, bending her knees and leaning in. He was her puppet now. she grinned. “tell me more, before I take away more than just your strength.” her tone a little harsher. she wasn’t usually like this.. or her public life suggested… but he had fucked with her, she was going to fuck with him

      “Assassin contacts, Chem dealers, manufacturers, Underbelly traders in shit like untraceable stolen androids and the latest replicated augments! I know all the spots in the city, all the people you want to be friendly to keep out The Pitt.” He looks to be pleading his case trying to tap into anything she might have a taste for.

      “great.” she smiles. “OH!… one more thing…. get my name out there. Don’t make it too obvious, just describe how a blue haired teenager fought off a bunch of attackers or some shit.” she couldn’t have him say that she kicked his ass, that would make her puppet seem weak now, wouldn’t it?

      His pride wouldn’t allow him to give that away. “Yeah…yeah I can do that. Izzy rite? Could I uh…get my legs back…I really need to shower.” He looks embarrassed he pissed himself.

      his legs would return, although weaker, and one of his arms would go limp, the other weaker… just so he didn’t fight back…. “fine.”

      He stands and feels his arm weaken. He sighs and then looks hesitant but asks gently. “Still wanna fuck?” Crude pig this one.

      Izzy would laugh a little, “no. Not now.” she said. that had genuinely made her laugh. He now probably had balls bluer than her hair. Poor him. Oh well.

      He nods and grabs those balls as if hearing her mention them. “…Fair enough..Make yourself home I guess.” He messes with the breaker and the lights come on it looks like a small workshop, a workbench with tools all over. stacked around it augmentation parts. The ball sits on a desk on the other side of the room a large table with pills and different color powders all over it. There are four large monitors wth thick wires meeting together connected to something big hidden behind the wall. The room is circular given the buildings shape. A set of metal stairs leading to a loft with a bed and table with more pills and holopads. Might not want to look on those…all pron. He heads away from her past his tiny kitchen a counter with a microwave device on and a fridge beside it. That’s it. Inside there are more condiments than food. He heads to a foggy tarp that shows his bodies outline. He stands over a toilet and works his pants with one hand to strip.

      “The name is Cage…I’m sort of a big deal….”

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>It’s a “Bo-riginal”</p>


      The night in any city can be rough…here it’s no different.  Why a small little fey looking red panda would be working late inside a garage in one of the rougher sides of town…which was saying something for this city; know one would know.

      Little legs sat underneath a raised up motorcycle moving a long to the music that echoed in the background of the shop,  “Oh Black Betty…boop a doop…oh black betty boop a doop.”  Bowen sang along, but he only could remember the words Black Betty to the song.  “Ah…there we go.”  A satisfied sound with one last turn and tightening up of the last bolt.  Sliding out from underneath standing to his full 2.5 ft tall putting his goggles on his head, his fur filthy with grease and dirt from a hard days work.  His overalls stained from a long time path in a garage.  Removed the set of gloves he had on as he moved over to the computer where he looked at the bike that sat wired up to different cables hanging from the ceiling.  “Let’s see if I got the improvement I need…and hopefully fixed that gyro throwing off the balance.  I’m too damn little to have dat ting spill on me….again.”

      Sitting down at the computer pulled up the schematics putting a set of commands to start running a program to start testing all the systems on the bike.  Bo rolls backwards in his chair putting on a pair of new cloves, ones a little more electronic then switched goggles for a set looking like advanced VR gear and plugs the jack into small hidden port behind his ear.  The digital world speeds forward as he logs into the room.  There he stands in front of a digital form of the bike with command screens popping up as he selects the run program with an x-ray internal look at the performance and the specific pieces he just installed and fixed up.

      The bike went onto a virtual a ride with him on it still watching from all corners surrounding the bike as it rode on a virtual road.  Each Bo taking notes of even the most minor of details wrong and improved on the movement and power and performance of the bike. “Well the new gyro system is working better than imagined, going to have to send a nice bottle of juice to my TechCo buddies for loaning it.”  he giggled, nice joke it did help him remember to remove the code and serial number from it though.  Couldn’t let it be registered to them any more now can he?   “Let’s check the conversion stage.”  Pop ups pulled up a new list in front of each Bo each selecting something different all looking at different parts of what was to come next.  With the command “go” pressed the motorcycle converted into power armor fitting the rider inside of it.  The thing skidded to a halt falling over as it went into it’s full form.  “Darn Boots for kicking dirt!”  Bo wasn’t happy with that result he was going to need some sort of way to keep the momentum of the bike while changing and not wrecking or blowing the whole thing up!

      “End program!”  Bo yelled out the cables went dark and the computer system and digital world was logged off pulling him back into the solid world.  “Sugared honey Ice Tea!”  He threw the gloves and goggles off onto the work bench.  “3 months I been workin you!”  he yelled at the bike.  His tone was mad, but it was child like in its nature with a higher pitch…hard to be intimidated by that, especially with inanimate object.

      A disruptive pounding on the partially drawn blast gate with the sounds of boots and shoes skidding around on the gravel outside.  “OPEN UP YOU LITTLE TRASH PANDA!  YOU FUCKING FREAK, YOU OWE ME MONEY!”

      Bo snorted he remembered this guy…he was a bad boy, probably why he wore that spiked collar.  He rolled over to his keyboard sitting in his chair pressed a key and the gate rolled open.  Five very tweaked out Funk Punk street gang members stepped into the garage.  They were lead by a overly thin human with obvious implants running through him.  The denim vest frayed at the arms with a large Britain flag on the back of it.  High platformed boots and different glowing tattoos, piercings, and interesting spiked garb with his leather pants made him a walking cliche.  Those with him wore similar dress, though his mo-hawk was the tallest and changed colors like LED Christmas lights or a cheap light up fiber wire tree.  “You owe me money you little fucker!”


      Bo was cut off by the tall mo-hawked male, “It’s D-Bop!  You little shit!  YOU KNOW THAT!”

      Bo winced and nodded thumping his head, “Sorry, sorry.  You right, you right.  D-Bop.  Why do I owe you monies?”  Bo knew what he was talking about but he didn’t really owe Denny anything.  He knew that.

      “For the shit job on our ride man!  It’s in a ditch because the tires blew out during our shoot out with K-Street!  We lost Rollo!”  D-Bop was very upset.  They did have cuts, bruises, and abrasions on all of them.  With a quick analysis shards of small glass were found in them with some gravel.

      “D-Bop…I doubt it.  You’re all tweaking on something dat ain’t pixie sticks, and you have signs of a wreck not a fight.  Without the car I can’t look it over either.”  Bo wasn’t moved by this…they tried this about 3 weeks ago and all they wanted was the money to get more of whatever new designer drug there was to get high on…some not so designer too.

      “FUCK YOU! YOU FURRY FUCK!”  D-Bop pulled a pistol from his pants, it was standard revolver with a case-less round cylinder which meant it held anywhere from 10-12 shots if it was loaded at all…ammo wasn’t cheap and they were looking for money that they must have blown on whatever they were hopped up on.  The rest of the crew pulled weapons and lifted them towards Bo.

      “You know I don’t like violence D-Bop.  I friendly.”  Bo smiled a wide smile.  The looked at the gun inquisitively, “Isn’t dat Rollo’s gun?”

      D-Bop was thrown off his game slightly as he had to think about it.  Did he take the gun off Rollo’s corpse?  Everything was hazy.  He closed his eyes shaking his head, “SHUT UP!  YOU’RE TRYING TO CONFUSE ME!”

      “Trying?”  Bo said smashing D-Bops hand with a wrench he had grabbed while he was in fact distracted and confused.  He used both feet to boot simultaneously pushing himself back off D-Bops groin.  Dropping the man to his knees with a groan oozing out of him as he fell.  The rest of the gang freaked out and opened fired, though it was too late Bo had reached his armory and closed the door.  The bullets ricocheted off bouncing around the room making the gang take cover one even was hit in the buttocks from the wild fire.

      D-Bop struggled to his feet pushing off advances to help him up.  “GET OFF ME!”  Moving with a sore walk he made his way to the armory and began to pound on the door.  “GET OUT HERE!  I’M GOING TO RIP YOU FUR OFF AND STUFF YOU AND MOUNT YOU ON MY WALL!”

      D-Bop pounded on the door for awhile then saw the bike…finally…and went towards it.  “Well, if you ain’t goin to return my money then I’m goin to take your bi…”  D-Bops eyes turned before he could mount the bike as the door slid open.

      In front of this gang stood a tall humanoid sized power armor suite with the head of Bo peeking out of it,  “Sorry, not yours.”  The helmet clamped down the eyes began to glow white.  A robotic voice of Bo came out from the suite, “Active Defense 7.”  That said four drones dropped from the ceiling with small mounted SMG styled guns on it.  They made an dipping spear formation all weapons pointed.  Everything else in the shop was pulled into the walls or floors replaced with either armored fortifications or turrets popping up including the area where the bike was.  The cable let loos of the bike as it was locked in place and pulled into a fortifies holding.  The cables whipped around wrapping up around the members as Bo and the drones shepherd them into the now snake like cables.

      “WHAT THE FUCK!”  This statement was shared by all the gang members as they were hoisted off the ground. “PUT US DOWN!”  They’re screams and attempts of intimidation fell flat as the air was being slowly crushed out of them.

      “Jack in.”  Bo said.  The cables connections moved up like snake heads and with the same speed as a striking snake they jacked into the ports of the gang members.  “Download last images of past 5 hours and send to Rollo’s family and friends as well as the K-Street gang.  Give them the address of the old butcher’s shop near K-street territory.”  Bo wasn’t about to just start shooting things up, the armor was more for protection than anything else.  However, he wasn’t opposed to hacking into data bases and systems to send out a way to make sure these guys didn’t come back.  “Run sleep mode on all connected parties and pull up the SUV Betty.”

      Moments pass and the gang falls limp, their vital show living, even if barely it was good enough.  Bo made sure they were secured and immobilized so he could load them into a black SUV that seemed to not need a driver.  “Take them to the coordinates I gave you Betty, spit them out in the back and get home.”  He rubbed the SUV lovingly as the car itself made a set of different sounds that wasn’t a typical engine.  “Be safe.”

      The SUV made some sound that made Bo smile as it sped off down the street really not making much of a sound but with speed only some sports and super cars had.


      The next day Bo was in his loft over the garage eating some massive mound of syrup, whipped cream, and sugary strawberry pancakes when the the news feed popped up in a smaller in window picture on his TV.  Not using anything more than a hand gesture he expanded the screen and turned up the sound.  “Today local law enforcement found the bodies of 5 members of the Funk Punk Posse decapitated near the old Marvin’s Butcher Shop, an area just outside of the rival K-Street Gang!  Officials consider this and open and shut case though they do seem to have had some port damage to them by some unidentified rigging.  No investigations are following this evidence since they quote “Don’t matter any way so why bother.”  says law enforcement PR department.  Back to you Tom.”  the screen goes back to a woman and man sitting behind a desk with suits on, definitely digital make overs; where they laughed at the last part and the man named Tom said, “Couldn’t agree more.  Up next weather and pollution updates, you may want to rethink that day at the beach.”  The man smile as with a blinking of Bo’s eyes he flips it back to old Loony Tune cartoons…they’re great!

      He sate and mumbled to himself though, “It’s not unidentified…it’s a Bo-riginal is all.”  he smiled and laughed as Daffy Duck said “Duck Season fire!” and Elmer Fudd shot the beak off Daffy.



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