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      I created this SL as a reminder of my childhood experiences. The idea of animals becoming humans is a memory of a classic television program that always came on Nick at Nite. If you’re not old enough to remember Bewitched where Samantha was a witch with magical powers, then you might not get this entire setting and characters deliberately. Of course, you may have seen other shows or read books where animals became human, that is what this entire story is about. Solishia is more of an Archipelago than an island in itself. The Solishian race is known as Animus similar to the dark tv series “Grimm” there are creatures called the Wesen while here, their Animus. So you could say they’re a mixture of Bewitched & Grimm. During a few episodes of Bewitched, Samantha often will change an animal to a human form of themselves. In one episode, a cat was shifted to a human by magic, but this cat had her cat-like characteristics no matter how much the feline tried to hide it. Another episode showed she turned a horse to a person as well, still, she was showing signs of her horse side because you cannot change who they are no matter what shape they’re in. The Animus is very much like what I am describing.


      For instance

      The Lycaos began life as wolves, but around the age of 5 months, he/she will trigger a human appearance or in this case on Solishia, the human is homid here. They will still be wolf pups until they reach a certain age then they’ll be able to change into their young wolf to mature wolf, then adult, then elder stages. A Lycaos will be referred to as “Pup” until they prove they can carry their own weight to the other experienced wolf folk in their pack as well as neighboring packs.


      Lycaos would act upon their wolf side, you can picture them as Mowgli from the Jungle Book as he did appear wolf-like, just never became a wolf in reality. As a homid form, they act and think in the way of their wolf side. When they communicate among their own kind or to other Animus, they will talk in common tongue but will always speak as if their wolf.

      Example: “Hello Paula! I really did have a great time” -She speaks to her packmate-

      The packmate and the other Lycaos will brush each other’s cheek, no matter what form, they communicate in the same method as if they were in actual wolf mode. If she is submissive then she would act submissive, if dominant, then she will show her dominance. So, when you choose an Animus character be prepared to play them as to how they would act as creatures in real life.

      However, if Paula was upset with her fellow wolf companion, she will say something along with this..then follow with a whimper.

      Selvie: “Paula! You hurt my feelings. You didn’t invite me to your party yesterday” A sound of whimper echoes in her chest.

      Howling is a way of letting a pack in their land know you’re there. Each howl is distinct from others, this is a good thing cause their leader or other following him/her can detect not only the visiting Lycaos scent from a distance, they can listen to his/her howl that lets them know who it is even from afar. When the howl is recognized, they’ll know who it belongs to! It’s also a way to say “Hi. Hello. Can I enter your grounds please” regardless if the Lycaos is in wolf or homid modes, the howl is still there.

      A growl or snarl might indicate anger, a brush against each other’s cheeks is to greet one another respectively, etiquette is very important in every Animus races.


      Other examples:
      Tarzan was human, but act more ape-like, though, he never became an actual gorilla.

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