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Solisha Islands


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      Solisha is an Archipelago. Formed by natural disasters many years ago. It is said to bring forth the first shifters, but that they were animal before humanity. It was magic that shaped the animal’s body to become human to walk on two feet. They did not wear clothing very much, for they did not know what it meant to cover ones’ self. Eventually, their brain picked up the fact, they were naked, so learned to make clothes. Imagine a world where humans never existed. This is a lot like that. A reflection of our world, except, it’s a place where shifters of all flavors can adapt.


      Solisha came from inspiration. As an avid reader, I am a huge fan of Laurel K Hamilton books, Anita Blake’s world. When the lycanthropes came into the story, it stuck on me. Richard Zeeman of the werewolves, Nathaniel who starts off as a submissive before turning a little dominant later on. Each shifter character allowed me to create this magnificent tale. Call it shifter paradise. Humanity doesn’t exist, not ever. In fact, no shifter has ever heard of man as a matter of fact.



      Solisha Isles

      Alumicas Island – The main and largest of the islands. This is home to all canine shifters. Just about every shifter of the canine has at least a pack they come from. At least, the canine shifters seem to live in spots best suited for their habitat. Alumicas Island most common breeds are the wolves, this is by far the largest and sociable groups. Packs vary from one to the other. They are split into their own territories such as the Lunar pack are pure gray wolves whose purpose is celebrating the lunar year once every month, the wolf born under that moon phase also accumulates skills and talents such as a half-moon birth is sure to give this wolf a psychic ability while a new moon gives this wolf, the ability to use traits of others, even the non-wolf shifters while in a full moon, this wolf can sense what wild animal is nearby or in the area to eat, they are great to keep the wolf shifters from starvation and thirst. Other wolf packs are just as great than these shifters. Check out the bloodline section for more lineage groups.




      Carran: Carran is a very large town on Alumicas Ialnd and home to the wolf shifters no matter what pack they came from, this is where they can adapt to first and foremost. A dominant male at the age of 18 in human years has the privilege of taking leadership is the next Alpha of the Town of Carran. It’s all forest-like home with lots of vegetation and trees all lined in a row. The wolf-shifters act more like Rangers who protect everything that mother nature herself as given them, which in turn suggests that the areas in which each wolf shifter lives has that smell of nature to it. They build their homes inside of trees, treetops, even deep in the mountain regions. There are stone henges surrounded in a circle, in the center is special. It is where the wolf shifters come to celebrate festivities such as the Lunar Year among other important dates. Depends on whose leading the wolves that the festivals are either kept or added to their calendar.




      Tupicu Island – This island is of medium-sized and is a feline dominant area. All cats big and small calls this location purr-faction. Large jungles, rivers, lakes, even some mountains, plains, wastelands, rainforests, and more. The Lions live to the northwest live in a wasteland, there are many prides to choose from if you’re going lion, but more cat shifters are available to play as well.



      Desulon: Home of the lion shifters, it’s structure reminds you of Athens, Greece as you step through double, wrought iron gates. Before you are beautiful marble stairs going upwards, there are at least five levels with the lowest level where the main square also called the town square is situated with a large, marble fountain spewing water from a statue of an archer at the top. The streets and pathways are completely made of marble-like everything else here. Four stone pillars surround the marble fountain, small lion statues is seen on the top of the pillars to emphasize the territory of lions here. Lion shifters whose position are guards usually are males, for it is the females who bring voice all over this island and their home alike. They do a majority of the hunting here while there are the women all lined in a row on either side of the throne of the marble palace, not even the lowest lion shifters in the social caste can enter unless they’ve been invited, escorted, or has been hired to work for the current King and Queen of the lions. Desulon is to the northwest, the alleys of Desulon are for nomads and lion shifters who deal in illegal matters, good lion shifters along with any shifter who visits are warned not to venture too deeply in their fair city because it is not common sense. Many homes are made completely of marble, shops within the business district have cartels for natives who either love shopping or just go browsing the wares. This is where the citizens can purchase a pet companion for themselves or clothes, jewelry, among other things using the currency of Solishia. A lion shifter can also join a local pride or stay close to the pride they were born in. Any prideless lion shifters live in the farther southeast in the alleys known as Slum Cannon, bad lions who do not know how to behave.


      Bengres Island – Mythical creatures call this their domain. Legendary shapeshifters who were born of that legend and able to take the form of them are just as fierce as the actual thing. Dragons and a lot more who is rare when showing themselves to others. Most of the other shifters often talk about the Bengres Island. It’s filled with valleys, cliffs, mountains, even geysers, at least, five lakes and an ocean that stretches many, many miles.



      Antale Island – Antale Island is made up of nothing more than bearing the truth, all bear shifters have a home to roam free and live with their families without being bothered by outsiders. Bear breeds vary from one clan to the next as like any shifter here in Solishia, species aren’t the actual breeds such as instead of a black bear there is a black bear from the black clans with a nice marking on them whether in human or bear mode. The bear shifters keep to themselves a whole lot. Not to mention, in human form called homid here as the name “human” does not exist, they are definitely their animal’s namesake where strong does survive and weight is everything.

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      what category do you think the ender beast would fit into?

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        What is the Ender beast? Can you tell me about it? If so, I’ll add it somewhere.


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        the ender beast is a type of land monster, he is large, around 12 feet tall in monster form, he loves being alone, he  is not well-known, which is how he likes it, he enjoys company, when in human form that is.  he is a omnivore, he lives in a small, broken down, house in a forest, the forest itself is called, “the forest of well-kept secrets”, or the “the forest of secrets” for short. He loves cooking and feeding other animals, he is crafty and cunning in human form, he will fiercely protect those he deems allies.

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