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      StarForce Headquarters is on Planet Irelinz-2A, which is in Sector 7459.23A of space. Three other Operations Bases stand on Planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy, in Sector 2814.36D of space. These 3 bases consist of a variety of helpful initiative uses. The StarForce E-1 Base (the Security), StarForce E-2 Base (the Executive) and StarForce Bunker Xero, which is the largest and consists of both the security and the executive/enforcement. Two more are on Planet Kyron, Sector 3025.74B of space. There are more bases across the universe but these 5 have more concentration than the rest.

      Base Locations

      StarForce Bunker Zero Location: Death Valley National Forest, California, United States

      StarForce E-1 Base Location: Arapaho National Forest, Colorado, United States

      StarForce E-2 Base Location: Miami, Florida, United States

      Base Information

      The StarForce E-1 Base contains the main security grid that extends to the borders of the Milky Way Galaxy. This base also holds the P.E.R., which is the Particle Energy Ring, a Memorial, a weapons hall and a concentrated jail. The StarForce E-2 Base contains an Operations Tower of the StarForce Alliance, a powerful Communications Tower of the StarForce Alliance (which connects to all other network connections and communications from other bases across the universe into one grid), Training Buildings, The Divine Council (“The 7 Divines”), the Station of Powers, The Library of Time, a weapons vault, a medical bay, research labs, holding cells and the Board of Security. The StarForce Bunker Xero contains multiple powerful communications towers, Training Centers, sleeping quarters, a concentrated security jail, a medical bay, a weapons vault and much more. And it is still in construction. Each base is under powerful security, and even if something or someone gets in, a lockdown will initiate and only the Owner or the Director can shut off the lockdown. Every base also has heavy warding made to withstand even nukes, and the warding is also made to ward off any sort of supernatural, celestial, demonic, and divine beings.

      Information on Planet Irelinz-2A

      Planet Irelinz-2A is the place where StarForce Headquarters stands. The Capital City of the Alliance is Whitevale, in West New-Enza. There are more cities around the planet of Irelinz. There are StarForce outposts in the most northern, southern, eastern and western areas. In East New-Enza, Highcrest is about 500 kilometers from Whitevale, West New-Enza. There are five more cities on Irelinz, known as Norville, Bluedale, Silvercrest, Brightport and Blackbay. These five cities hold over millions of citizens and all are heavily protected by the StarForce’s security and its patrols. There are only 3 countries that were founded on Irelinz, West New-Enza, East New-Enza and Mid-Reza State. The North and South regions of Mid-Reza are called North Reza and South Reza.

      StarForce Outpost Locations

      — Los Angeles, California, USA (Outpost & Labs)

      — Acadia, Maine, USA

      — Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii

      — Santa Cruz, California, USA

      — Dodge City, Kansas, USA

      — Annapolis, Maryland, USA

      — Kansas City, Missouri, USA

      — Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

      — Buffalo, New York, USA

      — Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

      — Houston, Texas, USA

      — Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

      — Chicago, Illinois, USA

      — Guadalajara, México

      — San Juan, Puerto Rico

      — Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

      — London, United Kingdom

      — Moscow, Russia

      — Paris, France

      — Tokyo, Japan

      — Beijing, China

      — Hong Kong, China

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