The Celestial Halls

Welcome to the pantheon of the new gods of Hellifyno. Here you will find the celestial forces that rule this world, and control the many aspects of this realm. These are beings meant to be worshiped and praised, or hated and fought, but love them or hate them they are the fundamental forces of our world.

Do you want to become a god of Hellifyno? Just visit the forums page and declare your godhood with a name, a description, and an image. All gods claimed during the 48 hour period of this marathon will be included in the final roll call on the Main Story Arc.

Important Notes

  • You do not have to play your god, and in fact we’d encourage you not to. The idea is to create an open source pantheon of gods for general use.
  • These are gods of Hellifyno only. So the god of war would be Hellifyno’s god of war, not the god of war for the whole universe.
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