The Celestial Halls


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      For at least 7 years some have called me the Goddess of Hellifyno because I gave my life to heal the planet after the Slayers destroyed it. I never accepted that title, and since Hellifyno’s surface was destroyed again twice almost immediately, I felt my sacrifice, the torment I went through, the torment my son Dragon teers went through, were a cruel waste.

      You have all been tricked. There were no gods of Hellifyno till the “new gods” came. There was only me, and while I was called “Goddess of Hellifyno,” and sometimes did not argue, it was never true.

      Now I feel I must formally refuse and abdicate from any claim to being one of the gods of this godforsaken world. Nor will I bow to any of the newly created gods. You do NOT rule over me. I will not obey you. I will not worship you. I reject you all except Amani, the Lyrical Starchild. The rest of you can go to the Hells.

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