The Celestial Halls

Adaliah, Goddess of Water and Ice.

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      While Adaliah would rarely leave the island she resides in, she would give the occasional visit to Persistence, Consequence, etcetera. Protector of her people and those who worship her, she is a generous soul and yet, will offer no mercy when it comes to certain situations.  Her domain would thrive in water, ice, such related things.


      Apologies for the brief description, I didn’t get much sleep last night. Can’t think very well. However, Adaliah is somewhat the ruler of L’Pierre (her island) and continues to protect the waters and beings that live there, known as Aquardians.


      While she cares most about those on her island, she may begin to show her kindness and make an appearance more if she meets some other citizens of Hellifyno, though, she is yet to have returned to the cities and towns. Having not left the reserves of her home in quite some time since travelers betrayed the islands welcome and tried to take control to keep the blessed waters to themselves.

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