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Helvegen, the Wanderer


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      Ironic, isn’t it? The discarded, forsaken grandson of Loki, the unnatural child of the Midgard Serpent, taking up the mantle of the All-father and becoming The Wanderer?

      Of course, godhood was never what Helvegen Jormungandrsson wanted. He had thought of himself as human since the day he was born, through his instruction in the martial arts, through his wandering with the ghastly sword Naervui, and through his passing into Hellifyno.

      This is his Fate, though, and none can escape Fate – for it has already come to pass. You just don’t know it yet.

      As the Wanderer, Helvegen is the god of the aimless, the purposeless, and the lost, as well as the god of those with adventure in their hearts and the fiery hunger for the road in their eyes.

      The Wanderer has no favourite race – the road is open to any who wish to tread it, provided they have the will. His favour lasts as long as his followers are on the move – the longer they stay in one place, the weaker his blessings become.

      Helvegen’s symbol is a cloaked man with a sharpened walking stick. He appears as a youth with crow’s feet around his ash-grey eyes, with a grey cloak woven of magical spider webs. Often a crow can be seen perched on his shoulder.

      His sacred school of magic is transmutation. Devout followers of his are granted the ability to turn into mist once a day, allowing them to transfer their essence through the atmosphere very quickly and easily.

      The Wanderer

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