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Helveraccoon, the Charlatan


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      The silly but malicious side of The Wanderer, Helveraccoon appears as a cute raccoon plush with strange tattoos marking his fur. He is the god of wandering thieves, conmen and charlatans, and coerces the poor or the greedy into taking by convincing them that it is inconsequential, and will do no one any harm. For everything that is stolen in his name, a replica of the object appears in Helveraccoon’s pocket dimension, slowly accumulating a massive hoard.

      For all his malice and temptations, the Charlatan is known to take pity on the downtrodden and the lost, teaching them the tricks of the trade in exchange for prayers to him following their foistings. For this reason, he is sometimes viewed as a god of luck and a hero of the poor, although his motives are anything but heroic.

      When not doing business as evil god, Helveraccoon is serving as Tom’s familiar.

      The Charlatan has a phobia of being portrayed in art and culture as having large testicles, as he believes this will confuse people into thinking that he is merely a common tanuki as opposed to a god.

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