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Tyler the New God of Dragons

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      The world is now in order, restored and in a state of peace. Hellafyno was Tyler’s safe haven, his true home and a place that he was willing to die for. He did not want to become a god, he did want to be strong but he did not want to be known as some type of ruler simply because he showed up to defend his planet and his love. This however was non negotiable, the elder dragon, profaned deep dragon, awoke within him. His dragon form was always powerful but he had always kept the god within him. After helping to recreate the world Tyler stood in a state of power he had never felt. He had already been given temporary power to kill the gods but as the power had awoken the deep dragon, he knew what he had to do. Tyler combined with the power of the deep dragon and by choice decided to take role of the dragon god to perfect himself and his power. Now, the form of pure power has been reached and Tyler has rose as the god of his species, and the defender of his planet and people. Going forward Tyler has put his focus to the future and the defense of hellafyno, ready to let all that threaten his planet feel his wrath. Until he is needed though Tyler will remain dormant, not sleeping but celebrating, the best recovery is a good drink of course. Especially when you are now one of the gods that you fought so hard against. It is time to enjoy the peace and love, however long it lasts, in this Age of Wonders.

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