The Council Of Consequence

Location: The Council meets in Consequence, the capital city of the planet Hellifyno. This is a neutral location, and both friends and foes are free to come and trade and discuss their issues openly here. The Council generally meets in the Mountain Palace of Consequence, but for important issues it may be moved to the Blue Moon Tavern where they can be among the people.

Procedures: Anyone who wishes to bring a petition before the Council may do so, and anyone who wishes to speak before the Council on that matter has the right to do that as well. However in the end, only members of the Council will have the right to cast a deciding vote.

Members: The Council is made up of the leaders and representatives of the most important city-states on Hellifyno, and is presided over by a group of Wise Elders. Only the Council may vote to add new members to their ranks, or to expel members from this ruling body.

Wise Elders

Lady Echo

Tye Sampson

Aiden Aero

Michael Zagurian

Robert Oddman

Council Members

Daimyon Silverhide (Halgan)
Wyrdling Caretakers (Dawn)
Xena Vielle (Civalo’ki)
Harmony (The Shiva Expanse)
Havoc (Chinvat)
Solomon The Child (New Avrilis)

Gwore Bonepicker and Hakan Plainview (Half vote each)

(OOC Instructions)

(The Council of Consequence is going to be voting on issues that will effect the Main Story Arc and the state of Hellifyno, which is the default location for the Main Chat.

Anyone who wishes to may petition the Council by starting a discussion in the forum below. Council members can then respond to this petition with questions and concerns by replying to the discussion.

Non Council members will also have the right to respond to these petitions, however they will be subject to being silenced at the request of any Council Member.

After the discussion has been exhausted any member of the Council will be able to request a vote. At that time members of the Council, and only members of the Council, will have one full week to cast their ballots on the decision. At the end of that time the votes will be tallied, and the decision will be carried out.

At the right hand side of the page you will see a section listed as “Pages.” These represent the official laws and decrees as handed down by decisions from the Council.)

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