The Red Light District (18+ Only)

Nothing but Cuffs’

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      A slight gasp slid from her lips as she yanked on the ropes that held her hands above her head. “Oh Mi Bella” a deep voice purred as his tongue ran down her inner thigh, “Was that the spot?” he purred softly, the light Portuguese accent caressed her ears. The woman gave no reply, that was part of the game. If she replied she would be whipped because her body was the only answer he needed. She glanced down at him, her honey-colored eyes, teary and begging, looked into his bright green ones. That was all it took, a simple look before his head full of dark brown hair was buried between her legs once more. “Marie” he moaned his hands grasping tanned thighs tightly, ‘What you do to me” biting her inner thigh sharply he rose and removed his shirt. Marie watched him, admiring the taunt muscles that were revealed as he undid the buttons of the crisp grey shirt. “Are you enjoying the show?” he asked as the shirt fell to the ground followed by his belt, trousers, and finally his boxers. Marie’s eyes didn’t waiver from his face, she was a good girl. “Look at me.” He demanded, a harsh edge to his voice, as he moved towards her, a panther who had caught his prey. Look she did, her eyes devoured the man who kept her, the man who taught her what she wanted. Unhooking her hands, he let her drop to the floor. “Your mouth” he demanded a finger running across her cheek, “Acknowledge me” he said softly. “Yes, Arman, my mouth” Marie said softly, her voice unaccented, but holding a submissive tone to the man. Grabbing his cock in one hand she slid her mouth over him with a moan. Pushing her head down with his large palm she choked a little and he groaned loudly, “Good Mi Bella”. Licking down his length before sucking him in she did this several times before he pulled her up, turned her and thrust into her quickly. “I own you; do you see how your body begs for me?” he said in a whisper by her ear as he rapidly thrust into her, the slapping sounds and soft gasps filling the room. His hand slid between her thighs, rubbing her clit in small soft circles, “Cum” he demanded, and Marie fulfilled his wish with a soft cry she covered her mouth with her hand, Arman filled her with one hard last thrust, his body tightening behind her. After a few moments, he licked the curve of her neck and moved away. “Cleanup” he said and left the room. Marie groaned and stood up as a woman rushed over and untied her hands. Marie pushed the woman away once she was able and laid back on the bed, admiring the bright colors that brought light to the room that was her cage.

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