A Meeting of Masterminds: Host's Ploy To Achieve Greatness

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    “I Do Believe..We Have Similar Interests..Let’s…Make A Deal..”


    Host addresses the leader of Thistlemere to place his floating arena and city there, for similar interests and to test the artifact, a powerful psionic relic from a elder brain. In return of testing the artifact pieces for controlling the minds of the weak enemy to the leaders, he’d get a body to live forever to study wisdom.

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    Tolerith addresses Host as

    He should being King of

    Thistlemere. “How would having

    Your floating monstrosity

    Above Thistlemere help my


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    Sofia sits there on her throne rubbing her now big stomach. She sighs. “Hun, don’t be to mad. Let him talk for himself.” She frowns, “though I don’t know the reason either. Should we come to harm, I will have your head.” Sofia stood slowly her eyes glowing bright purple.

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