Making Thistlemere Whole Agian

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    A Portal opened up and out came a woman. She had red hair and glowing green eyes. She looks at her mothers grave. She made flowers grow on the grave and smiles, “I didn’t know you but I love you Mother.” She turns and enters the village. Some commoner recognized her tattoos, and runs off to tell people. She looks confused and soon guards greet her and take her to the Castle where the royals lived. In there, she was told that her mother was on the royal council and that she could be in on there to. She nods, “Are you sure you want me?” They gave her the seal of the Nightmere house. She smiles and nods, “Ok. I will” She bows and thinks, “Can I build a building to recruit Druids?” They nod and give her a signed paper for the Druid Council and she smiles more. “Thank you so much.”

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