The Claiming of Thistlemere

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    He stood in the ruins of Thistlemere, and looked to all the folks of the forest realm. They gathered around and his voice called out, deep, authoritative. “You have been made soft by your rulers. When I first claimed Blood Feud, they wished to run away with you all. But some of you did remain, and they didn’t come to your aid, an outsider did. I am here now to let you all know this… I will remain here, Thistlemere is now mine. And I will help you remind the world why you where the wolves in the forest, that you would not back down!” He moved and gestured with large motions as he spoke. And that is when the ground began to shake. As if reshaping the world, he was calling upon his Mead Hall, the building that was one with him, that was infused with his essence during it’s creation. Claigeann Neach-Trusaidh Talla now stood in Thistlemere, and upon the throne of the Hall would be Tearlach, as he will remind Thistlemere’s people what they once where.

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    Phae Ari’il had arrived too with her home in tow.  She’d pulled four and a half miles of a Mountain Valley bowl through to the realm with assistance.  Her own source was just now two miles off the southern coast of Thistlemere.  One could see the small dot of the island floating out there. It could be accessed by sky, portaling or by rock-climbing up the jagged edges of the mountain rock.  She’d placed orders for trivialities to be delivered by boat from the Red Sun Inn. While she thought over the creation of a boat dock, the half elf demon had decided to go inland to gather up native fruits and seeds for planting in her own valley walls.  She was carrying her elvin panther hilt long blade and a leather pouch for fruit and plant seeds.  There was a certain child like curiosity coming out into the wilds. Phae didn’t bother with any type of leather or metal armor.  Her tanned skin was aglow with vine rune tattoes, leathery wings folded up, useless in the dense forestry.  Covering the essential was a leather midriff top and a pair of brushed leather looking shorts.

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