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    The ALL corporation Hub Is where you go for all your needs. Need a babysitter? Need a house built? Need groceries? We have it all. Anything and everything is sold here and if we don’t have it in stock we will have it sent in from our space station. And if you need a service just ask our representatives and they will be able to find someone for the job.


    Upon stepping inside the building that looks to be cut short at 32 feet tall, a few aisles of assorted goods would be seen. Containing groceries and health stuff and even a few clothes, and a hardware section. Typical store. On a facing the entrance there would be a sign above a display of cans with the words Maid in a Can!!  Beside the shelves would be some maid Fwuf outfit variations. ALL Corp brand black and blue. Scuba fwuf. Camo fwuf and so on. To the left of the entrance is a counter with a register and a blonde cat girl behind it wearing a blue polo and a black apron. Towards the back of the room would be a cat girl dressed in a black and blue stewardess outfit with red hair. And she would be standing under a sign that reads “Services”  she’s where you go for service and not product. Beside her are some stairs leading up to an office area.

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