Twine Island

Base_A-001 : Hellifyno : Twine : Industrial_District

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    This forward base of operations on Hellifyno is pivotal to the mission of our soldiers stationed here. Here, we monitor Hellifyno for any activity pertaining to our enemy in Jango. Be it abominations, soldiers, or Jango himself, we will know where they are and the be able to react more swiftly than ever before. Here, we will store several variations of the abominations appearing in Persistence and perform several experiments on them in order to learn how to stop them from appearing…This building will NOT be open to the public. Further information on the activities here will be released to high ranking personnel only.


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    *A tall slab of rock would be brought into the warehouse then…Moved in there with the assistance of several Ogres…They didn’t want to use the locals for help…But this was a very important task…The stone was moved into place and symbols would be drawn in blood…Whose blood that was is up to speculation. Perhaps an animal. Perhaps it was willingly given by someone…Either way, it was used to it’s fullest extent. The symbols were made and a black dust was thrown on it…Covering the stone completely…And then, as witnessed by the Ogress present, the dust covering the symbols would shift…Like a film had been placed over the rock…And something inside was moving…

    All of a sudden, it would split down the middle. The dust, flicking off of it as the film was parted by clawed, grey fingers. Now opened, several hairless, grey, veiny creatures would emerge…Each of them being at least 10 feet tall with 4, strong arms and 2 even stronger legs…Muscles rippling all over their bodies…Each of them had small tails behind them and wore furs over their groins. Someone within the actual facility would walk up to them. Bald, hairless, and wearing a brown leather coat with a sword on his back. This person stood only 5’7, looking up at each of the creatures as they gathered around.* Welcome, brothers! *He stated with open arms.* We have no time to waste! So let’s get to work on moving everything in! *Each of the creatures would look at one another and then around the building from where they stood. When they spoke, it wouldn’t be a language that the Ogres there could understand…Nor could it be translated by the audio devices within the facility. However, their words got a response from the man below.* It is safe here. You can’t stay for long without your suits on but having a base here will help us in our efforts. Let’s get to work! *And with that, they would return through the rock there…Passing through that thin, dusty film…Leaving nothing but the sound of wind beyond…*

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