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The Industrial district and Marketplace

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      The industrial district and market place is the most bustling and busy area of Twine city. Filled to every edge is varieties upon varieties of goods and commerce. From clothing shops, to home decor. From grocery stores to jewelers, to magical items. you think of it, the industrial district and market place has it.

      It easy to tell where the industrial section ends and the market begins.

      The industrial section has large buildings, warehouses, and more cater to the vast amounts of stock and supplies that help not only Twine but also the trade-ships that are bound to Twine.

      Along with the preoccupied buildings of the two sections to this area, there are places that say “FOR RENT” or “LOOKING TO HIRE”

      From there it works its way into the market place. the day life and night life are very similar. busy and exciting. besides the general items and merchandise. Halfway through the market place, is where the Twisted Twine Cafe sits. This little getaway is run by linny and nonny. linny is more human like and runs the day shift, and nonny, the cyclops, is the night shift. Along with the cafe, you can also locate the Licensing and permit building.

      In this whole section of the city, the portals are more abundant, constantly flowing here as new vendors come and old vendors go. This land is very diverse and multicultural because of the portals. The goods and commerce are the same. The streets of this area are filled with all kinds of scents and smells, sometimes is incense from the local antique shop, and sometimes its from the fried octopus mobile cart.

      A million different things to see, and a perfect getaway to relax and shop. We hope you enjoy this area and have fun!

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      *a small white building with a massive sign resting on the roof is smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. it was still nice and sleek inside. The building had 1  door but inside there were two desks, and two ladies, one side said permit, one side said licensing, they were identical ladies. and identical…everything* Welcome to the licensing and permit registration office..

      For all living items, please fill out the paperwork for the license department, return it and then wait for you receipt.

      For all Construction and Nonliving items, please fill out the paperwork for the permit department, return it and then wait for you receipt.

      Pets do not need a permit or license, but are requested to be registered for the safety of its self, and the safety of others.

      (Once you fill out a permit to build, you can either add its details to the Permanent residents forum, or make your own. Either is available!)

      ((Permits are not needed for Renting or buying homes or buildings. Only for constructing a building))

      We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our city organized and clean!

      Have a great day!

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      The door is pushed open before the fallen angel steps in wearing his usual buisness attire. Black suit blue tie. He smiles before making his way over to the permit desk. “Excuse me… I believe I need a permit to open up an ALL Corp. Hub. I was wondering what information was required for me to receive a permit. Oh and a question. What’s the highest building height that we can build to in the city?”

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        *As aero enters, the woman with “Permit” above her raises her head and smiles* For this kind of permit, since you are an established vendor prior to your arrival on twine, we will simply need some general information. Full business name, owner, contact information, general sales paperwork. a list of items you wish to distribute while here. If you plan on making a permanent station or a temporary one. *she turns from the desk and opens the filing cabinet, sifting through papers before pulling out a small packet of papers* just fill this out and return it to me when finished.

        As for your question the maximum height for buildings in this area are approximately 32ft high, we try to keep them at a reasonable height so we dont obstruct the visitors villa. We hope that will be ok with you. Though if you are looking, we have a few warehouses open for rent or sale. *along with the previous papers she hands him a flyer with pictures and prices of different warehouses and buildings on it. some are old office buildings, others are large and empty inside, all are painted white on the outside and all are located in the industrial district*

        We hope you find what you are looking for. And again, once done with the permit paperwork just pass it back then wait for your receipt please.

        *then she falls silent again*

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      *Also stepping into the office then would be the same two men who entered the Cafe previously…One tall and covered with concealing black wrap. And the other with a bald head and a longsword. They would walk over to the desk as well, taking a different booth from Aero there.* I would like to purchase a warehouse permit. Not for product storage but to establish a base of operations for our people here on Hellifyno. I would also like product permits and licences. One for living things and one for non living things. We don’t have much to sell, but we will do our best to give back. *He would then glance over at Aero there. Planning on building a massive super tower to compensate for his lacking of one? Meh…It wasn’t this mans place to accuse a stranger of such things. All Corp hadn’t done anything to them or their people. But still, he hoped things would go well for everyone regardless…*

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        *once the two men enter behind aero, they are initially asked to wait, until they begin requesting permits. There are only two women in the whole building as the woman with “license” above her head looks up to them* for all licensing of living stock i ask you please join me over here, and we can get started.. *this woman sounds identical to the “permit” lady, she turns and opens her own filing cabinet, pulling out some papers and looking to the men* we need to know as much as you can give us about the livestock you wish to sell, we need the quantities you plan to initially bring in, species, size, if they are dangerous or not. we need to know what you plan on selling them for, like food, being pets, that sort of thing. *the papers ask the general details as she has stated so it wouldnt be to hard* we also need full names and contacts for whoever plans on owning the business.. once completed please return the papers to me and we can begin to process it.

        “Permit” is not open, please step over to her and she will get you taken care of for the rest…. *motioning to the identical woman across from her, then falling silent as the woman with “permit” above her smiles*

        Welcome to the permit desk. For selling of non-living items and stock we only need a basic description of the products. The rest of the information we can pull from your license. *then turning to her files she pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to him* once completed you will return it to me.. Now as for the building permit. are you looking to rent or buy or build, we have some great selections of open warehouses right now that are for rent or sale. *she hands him the same flyer she handed aero* they have a variety of buildings on the market right now. all are located in the industrial district side. If you choose to rent or buy a building you can take that up with the owner and do not need a permit for that. *then she smiles*

        Once the forms are completed and returned we can begin to get you set up *both the ladies spoke the last line at the same time without missing a beat, then both fall silent*

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        Aero smiles before grabbing the forms and holding a small device above each page. Like the auto fill feature for most computers it began filling out the forms almost instantly. “ALL Corporation. Aero. (XXX) xxx-xxxx. Then a rather large list of products is produced all of which were normal general store items. The only unique items would be fwuf maid clothing variations and ant farms containing tiny ice ant people. And permanent.  He then smiles. “I’ll look around the warehouses but I will probably just keep the hub under 32 feet.” He then hands the paper towards the woman.

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        If you wish to build a new warehouse we will need you to fill out a construction permit, 10 ogres will be provided.. All we need is the desired location, in city limits or out of city limits, and dimensions. *she takes the first paper and looks it over before signing it, then sending it through a machine that makes a bright colored copy of it, taking it out she turns and grabs a stamp, pressing the inked side into the paper and pulling it back, leaving behind the Twine emblem. waving the paper for a moment as the ink seals within, then handing it back to Aero she smiles* This is the commerce permit, please take care of it… as for the building permit, once finished we will do it the same and then once your ready to start building, please call for torga. The ogres of this land will remove anything that is on the area you wish to build and assist in creating the perfect building

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      *The bald man would smile at her.* Of course…*He would take a pen and would fill things out. Firstly, there would be a colony of small, brown arachnids to be kept as pets. Dangerous when in large numbers. To be kept in a reinforced glass Jar that is no more than 1 foot tall. They are to be fed small parasite insects like ticks, fleas, etc. Also coming with that would be a colony of red mites to keep the arachnid population under control. Not dangerous to creatures aside from those with some kind of spider DNA in them in some way shape or form. To be kept in a small, air sealed container and fed a small portion of dry food once every 2 days…Those would be the only “animals” they would be bringing. *

      *He would hand the papers back to the woman there and walk over to the permit desk once Aero had left.* Hello. Just fill this out? *He’d take the paper and begin to fill out the products. Starting with thick, fur pelts which have been cleaned before hand. Jewelry made of bones as well as uncut bones from an animal he called “Dorda”. Dark, stone coins that shimmer in the right lighting. And last but not least, a small amount of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, lettuce, etc. All of them being listed under the same category as the man filled it out. He would list who would be selling the products as a “Mr Hammond”. Handing her that paper, he would take the flier and look through it, spotting something perfect.* How about this one? *He would turn it to her and point at the one he wanted. It was one of the much larger, empty buildings*

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        “Okay…  I’ll want to look around a bit before getting the building permit. I want to find the location before anything else.” He smiles. “Then I’ll be back soon. See you.” And with that he makes his way out soon to return.

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        *the ladies nod to Aero as he leaves* once you find your place, come in abd we can get it all set up for you. We appreciate you coming in. And hope you enjoy your time on the island!

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        *as he handed the papers back to the women, both would take it and send it through their machines, as it spit out a shiny colorful copy, then both would get the stamps and press it into the paper, pulling it back to reveal the twine emblem, the only difference between them was “permit” was purple, and “license” was blue. Then handing the papers to him. The permit lady would nod to the man as he said he  found a building he liked, taking her pen and leaning over, she underlines the address and contact for the owner* you may reach him here. Just give him a call. *then both ladies sit down and smile* thank you for coming in today, we hope you enjoy your stay here on the Island.

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      *Nodding when she told him how to reach the owner, he would nod, appreciatively.* Thank /you/. *Looking up to Milo then.* Come on, Milo. Let’s check this place out. *And with that, the two men would leave the building. Heading off to make contact with the owner and get some kind of walk in tour or something. Probably just a short list of questions about safety and how they would run it and what not. And these people would tell the truth. They had nothing to hide. And the truth being known was the best way to gain the trust of the people. And trust is the one thing they valued in others. So out the doors they went, off towards the listed address.*

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       Rye Simmons

      Rye appears, although unlike her usual upbeat self, is quiet and serious.

      “Hey. I need a permit for my detective business. Nothing huge. And would I need anything for my other employees? There’s only three of them.” She asks, speaking boldly and clearly.

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        *the lady with “permit” above her, shakes her head* we just need contact information. *smiling kindly she opens her filing cabinet, pulling outta piece of paper and handing it over to rye*  business name, owners name, and a contact. Wpuld you like to see our buildings for rent? We have a few that are open. *grabbing a flyer with some nice little shop fronts on it and contact information for each owner.* if you wish to rent just get a hold of the owner. As for the permit. Just fill this paper out, and return it to me when your done.

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       Rye Simmons

      “I already got a location scouted out, but thanks.” She takes the paper and gets to work scribbling out the information, listing necessary things and the contacts of Ben and Luna. It doesn’t take her long to get everything, and it’s not without her usual snark commentary in the document either. “That’s it? Anything else?”

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        *shaking her head she takes the paper and sends it through her machine,  then from the other side a Color copy, she takes it,  stamps it with a purple twine emblem,  then hands our over* we appreciate you business,  thanks for settling by. We hope you enjoy your time here!

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      *the lady with “permit” hanging above her head would speak up* well first off we need to know if it is going to be a personal animal, or will you be planning on selling it. secondly, as for the permit on the lands. how many acres are you looking for? do you want it right on the edge of the city? or do you have a place in mind to have it set?

      along with the permit, you will be granted 10 ogres to assist you in the building process. *she licks her pointer finger a bit as she flips through a filing cabinet at her side* we will also need to know the breed of animal that you will be bringing in. just to ensure its safety and the safety of other creatures. we hope you understand.

      *turning to hand the lass two pieces paper, they all ask the same questions, just in written form* if the animal you are bringing in is to be sold you will need a license but if its a pet we simply ask for it to be registered . again for the safety of itself and others.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else my dear!

      *then the room falls silent again.*

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      *the lady nods once, takes the papers and looks over them. Then, sending them in a machine that makes a fancy decorated copy stating the information, she takes it, grabs a stamp and then quickly mashes the inked end into the paper, pulling it back to reveal a bright purple twine emblem on it as she blows the paper a moment. Handing the new paper back and offering her hand* the ogres will be waiting your call. They will handle all demolition and constriction of the area you want. They know that part the best.

      We thank you for letting us help you today. And hope you enjoy your stay on twine island!

      *she sits back down and finally stops talking or moving. Just watchinh the door with a smile*

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