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     Kida Le Morte 

    This part of the city is for those who have always lived on Twine island, or for those who wish to stay and call this land their home.

    With each house, the owner is given all rights to it. All utilities paid, schooling for children are accommodated. Most of the people who reside in Twine permanently are families. Due to the peaceful atmosphere of this city it is safe to raise a family.

    Each family is also given 1 teddy to assist in everyday life if needed.

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    Kaler Eland’s Log Cabin (mountains):


    Kaler stood outside the home finally completed by the Ogres, his new proper house in paradise, at lease his corner of paradise with nature. The wood was dark Spruce, blending it in well with the surroundings, with a walkway stemming all the way around the house save for the back, which had an extra door and a small set of steps. He moved round to the front of the house, seeing a nice dark-wood door, a larger set of steps, and a little over-hanging roof to keep people dry underneath, though not like rain would ever fall this close to the mountains. The entrance also faced towards the small stream, and they even placed a small, 1 person bridge spanning over a slightly larger gap. He turned his attention to the home in general, climbing up the stairs, creaking gently, before approaching the door. They seemed to leave a key, so he lifted up the gold metallic piece, and inserted it into the lock, twisting it and pushing the door inwards. He almost coughed gently, as the scent of freshly cut wood fills his lungs, as he slips in and closes the door behind him. Everything seemed natural and calm; there were 2 side rooms at each end of the very open bottom floor, whilst the rest of the space held a woolly rug, a large plump sofa, a small TV, and various books lined up on shelves. He took a peek into the 2 separated rooms; one contained a bathroom, with a tub capable of having 2 guests at once, a sink, a mirror, and a toilet; nothing was extra classy, but it all worked and that made him happy. The second enclosed room housed a small kitchen, with various bits and bobs like a Microwave, Electrical oven, a Fridge & Freezer, a few cupboards & drawers, and a small vent on the roof. This were the bottom floor, as well as a table for people using the sofa, and a table & chairs in the centre. Also included was a tall, cobblestone fireplace, with a metal stick and bucket of chopped wood & coal should it need it


    Next would be upstairs. A small case of oak-wood steps lead upstairs into the second floor, which unlike below, had only 4 proper windows; 1 on the landing, a small circular one high up, another circular one in the main bedroom, a larger variant with a blind, and 2 medium sized square windows in each of the other rooms; 1 being a guest bed and the other a storage room. He looked in the guest bedroom first. Inside held: A 1 person bed, with a red pillow and white sheets, an oak-wood drawer stand with a mirror on the top, and 3 drawers for any such small items to go inside, a large wooden structure with 3 shelves stacked one over the other, with a few books already present, and a space below for clothing. He then checked the storage room; a more dingy yet still clean room, the window being slightly smaller with a small blind for it; as did the Guest Room; a number of different shelves lined up along the upper walls, and various un-used storage boxes for later usage. It were dry and warm, with a single small bulb at the top to light it up. Then there was his room, the Master bedroom. Inside were a large double bed, with wooden pikes keeping it connected to the ceiling, big enough for 2 but well enough for just him; the sheets were white with an emblem of Twine on the top, and the pillows were a deeper red shade. Inside were also: 2 shelves for small items, a few larger cupboards for larger items, the other circular window with a purple blind, lit by a large bulb in the middle. Also included were an on suit bathroom, basically the same as the bottom floor. Each passage way were lit by dim lighting for the most part, to reflect the quiet peaceful atmosphere, and the nature outside


    (Not sure exactly what else to put besides what I roleplayed, so there it is for now :p)

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