Twine Island

The Fae Refuge And Cabin of Aine

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    In this place in the center of the Twisted forest is an isolated area that is walled off with magic and thick wall of roots from the natural trees. Inside is a wildlife refuge for all of Fairy kind. The caretaker  named Oi’Aine Moirbel watches over this place from within her home cabin built  near the edge of the wall where the hidden gate is. All Fae here are protected any harm to them will mean exile from the refuge.

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    Aine walked into her home and smiled. The fire was going and the Fae were already making way in the refuge as the ogres were finishing up the last touches of construction. She used alot of magic today to build everything up. She just needed to wait for the rest of the Fae to make way here as well as find other who may wish to stay here as well.

    she would sit down and relax with a smile on her face.

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    As the young tree nymph wonders for quite some time, she finally sees something ahead. “A forest!” Excited, she runs to the glowing greens. As she gets closer she sees a wooden structure, in reaching the structure she sees that it is a large home of some sort. She walks up to the front and knocks on what she believes is the door. “Hello, is anyone there?”

    Tree nymph knocking on a cabin door

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    As she waits for a voice, she looks around this strange new place. So many things she has never seen yet familiar to her in origin. Then she thinks to herself  “Maybe no one is home.” She walks around the wooden structure to see if anyone else might be around. But the only thing she sees is the wooden home in the Enchanted Forest. “Should I walk into the forest? Maybe someone might be there” Then, the great voice speaks to her. “Caution, for this is not a land one can just enter, great magic has been placed upon this forest and permission must be given to enter. Go back to the fields of Rulvalta, for people of great power have entered your world.”

    “My world…” She repeats to herself, questioning the concept of this simple phrase. Then she turns around and walks away, returning back to her home.

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