Twine Island

The map of twine island is divided into few parts. Most of which are inhabited by the wild life, though some beings reside among these land,

Starting from twine city, the central hub of portals and people. Life here is happy, and peaceful. It grows everyday and changes. The buildings are woven with magic, and can change their shape on a whim, the streets are clean as teddies and ogres move and work, helping the land, the people and the city its self. Within the city the little cafe, known as The twisted twine cafe, is located on a street corner. Its perfect for a cup of coffee and a good book. The bartenders are linny and nonny, and generally you will only see one at a time…

Then you have the shoreline to the south. Large sandy beaches reach from the sea to the edge of the city, the ports of twine are located in that area, it makes for easy docking and undocking of the twine fleet.

Then to the immediate north and north east is the Saucer hills. The home of the teacup giraffes and the hyenadillos, these fields are showered with lush tall grass and native flowers that spread as far as the eye can see.

Then further north west is the wastelands. The waste from broken and destructed cities all around the world ends here. Portals popping open to drop massive amounts of rubble and debris. But within the large piles the unique species of animal, common known as a snurtle live there. This area is is incredibly warm, about 15 degrees hotter than the whole island.

Next, to the east of that is Marsh hallow, its exactly how it sounds. Swampy, marshlands provide fresh water to the surrounding forest and hills, a variety of animals live here. They start at the base of the Stitched mountains and cross a few miles of land.

The stitched mountains are a beautiful site. A long mountain range creating its own barrier, seperating the nothern most area from the continent. Each peak is different, and each is snow capped, all but one that was eaten by a green goop from an accidental portal glitch.

Down below the marshlands, is the twisted forest. Though not all is tall forests. On the edge of the lush green world, closest to the saucer hills is a bit of flat open land where the mighty minotaurs roam and run, they are the protectors of the forest, for deep within the tall trees and bushes lives the imprinting wignarfs. And the spribbits, along with others. Hiding away in the forest to the north is the love hotel. Rumored to be there is the goddess tawanda.

From there, on the east is the ocean front shoreline. A relaxing and calming place, its quiet and serene. Most people go there to see the glowing purple whales. Not much is known about these creatures but they are quite beautiful to watch.

And lastly, the newest addition to this land is the werebear territory. Friends of the mother, they are able to grow and be free while protected here. Its a mix between rocky landscapes and flat open lands with patches of trees to hide. This part of the island its self is also unknown but none go there. Except the mother. It is forbidden to those without permission.

(More information on the Animals and wildlife can be found below)

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