Twine Island

  1. Stay out of the north side of the mountains, unless invited by the werebears.
  2. If you wish to build outside the city, permits are required. And a max of 10 ogres will be allowed to assist if needed.
  3. Do not kill any of the animals on the island or in the surrounding area unless a permit is presented, and all meat and fur of the animal is used.
  4. Killing without a permit is punishable by time in the pit.
  5. Do not capture any animals.
  6. Removing live animals from the island is prohibitted. And punishable by time in the pit.
  7. Be kind, respectful and peaceful to all who inhabit the island. Vitsiting the many factions of the city, and the unique areas of the island is encouraged.
  8. Teddy guides will assist where needed, if needed.
  9. You have free use to the city, except kidas place which is also invitation only.
  10. ALL foreign products must be either liscensed or permitted; for general goods and products non-living a permit will be required.  All living items bit be liscensed.
  11. Slaving is prohibited, for use, buying, selling or trading. Anyone caught with slaves will be punished by time in the pit and all slaves brought to this land will be taken and set free.
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