Before These Crowded Streets

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      The ancient city stretches out in an haphazard fashion, with streets winding in and out of one another in a chaos of congestion. The buildings here are old, not like the polished modern skyscrapers of more modern cities. These are buildings with a history, people have died within these buildings, whole generations ahve come and gone, and come again.

      People walk to and fro casually, enjoying the light from the full moon. Lovers hold hands as they gaze about the parks, while drunken stumbling oafs fall from tavern to tavern along the docks.

      However, beneath the seaming normality of this historic city, there is a dark secret. An unspoken covenant of blood, that rules the lives of every citizen of this location. This is a city of vampires.

      Surely it is not populated entirely by the night walkers. the majority of the inhabitants are merely human beings, going on with their lives. Unaware of the unseen world around them.

      However both by tradition and unspoken truce, this is a place where all vampires are welcome. You can often see the pale faced wanderers stalking the night, sometimes even hunting in groups of 3 or 4 at a time, a practice that is unheard of in most cities.

      Yet the population is not maimed. It is a good sized city, and the vampires know that they must be respectful of their mortal charges. This law is of course enforced by the council, a group of vampires who have the charge of maintaining the delicate balance that holds this magical place together.

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