1.This place is for Vampires and their confirmed initiates ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2.Anyone posting “plllzzz plzzzz turn me” requests will be immediately ejected from the group.

3.If you attempt to do this a second time, you will be drained, poisoned, and banned. NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.Everyone here is expected to live by The Code. When you join and verify that you are in fact a vampire, you will be given a copy of The Code relevant to our lives here. Ignorance of this law is no excuse.

5.You will show respect to others and act with honor while here.

6.Respect the Elders and The Queen of this Realm, her decisions are final and the Council shall act with the authority given to them by the Queen, they are here to serve our people with honor and in turn you will show them due respect.

7.This place is a sanctuary for vampires, a peaceful place, if there is strife or disagreement let us find a way to settle among ourselves peacefully as a family should.

8.We are Vampires..proud and strong, a family of the Children of the Night so treat one another with respect, loyalty, and honor and look our for your brothers and sisters.

9. Consorting with the enemy will not be tolerated. If it found that you have befriended an enemy of the Vampire or have been in other ways consorting with the enemy you will be ejected and blood hunted.

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