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Breaking the Silence with Hope, and a Request.

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      Breaking the long period of static that had come from Vietnow’s radio station, would be the voice of Zoey Tompkins for all to hear.

      I’ve seen this planet go down the tubes enough times to know this isn’t all we’ve got. I’m not saying pick up the pitchforks and raid the fuckers when I say this, but don’t let our home be taken from us by some pricks who think they’re superior to us. Honestly, I’m getting tired of all these freaks and their superiority complex taking over Hellifyno. I mean,  come on! We may’ve been through a lot, but for the love of god we fought against worse! Does nobody remember the void take over? Does anybody remember when that prick Giovanni took over the world? Or am I the  ONLY one who does? Or maybe when all of time fucked it’s self internally?! Come on, slap your self awake already!

      Now listen, I don’t want any blood shed. I don’t want any violence. What I do want is for this to be ended peacefully, unless there is no other option. Which is why I have a request for the king who has, from my knowledge, caused all of this mess. Because I know for a fact that this little broadcast will reach him.

      I want a simple meet up. Nothing fancy, and no tricks. To speak terms. You can bring as many men as you want, it wouldn’t matter to me. I just want this to be ended quickly and peacefully, so that hopefully all parties included can get what they want.

      That being said this is Zoey Tompkins of Vietnow Radio, signing off.

      This message would play every hour and a half, with the Vietnow special selection of music playing- exactly as it used to.

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