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Plea to Stop, and Vietnow's report on Paracosm.

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    Sorry, Hellifyno! We’ve had some technical difficulties.

    We gotta upgrade the equipment! I said it over a thousand times!

    Got it, Lily…

    Anyways, as of late, Magicia, the queen of Paracosm, has.. Actually gone bat shit crazy. If you’ve been to Paracosm recently, you know what I mean. The entire place has been turned into Magicia’s own realm, in which she uses people’s worst fears against them. For example, Let’s say you have a fear of spiders… You’ll suddenly have spiders crawling all over your skin. Not only that, but the only way out is death. You die, your free. But so is the fear that you would have been tortured with.

    Now.. What do we do? Well, i’d like to say, ‘Yeah, let’s just charge in there and stop the madness!’ But no. We can’t do that. Instead, we’re stuck with trying to find a way to calm Magicia down.

    This being said, do not enter Paracosm- unless you feel like going through hell on Hellifyno, avoid Paracosm at all costs. At least until this problem is resolved.

    Now, Mags, if your listening… Calm the hell down, will you? There’s no point in taking out your anger against the world. And there is <i>definitely</i> no way to explain why you flipped shit. Only that it was a small nothing. Please, stop taking your anger out on Paracosm and the people you have under your rule. Please.

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