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Role Reversal

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    Well, good people.. As you can tell we’ve been silent. And to tell you the truth, we need some help. As you can tell, Zoey’s not the one talking. It’s the one that’s usually in the background fucking with her- Lily Tompkins, her wife. The reason? Well, to put it simply, Zoey’s psionic powers had grown a bit.. too strong for her to handle. Throwing her into a coma.. Or, at least, I hope that’s all it is..

    Please, for the love of god, someone help us. I beg of you. I get that a lot is going on, but… Jesus Christ, we got no one to run to. Please, if someone can hear this, help us… Please.

    And Damantin, if you can hear this… Hurry your ass down here.

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