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Sleep Now In The Fire

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    Oh, for the love of… Wake up, people! We got some kid taking over Hellifyno. He’s taken persistence, which.. makes it increasingly difficult for us here at Vietnow to broadcast… So, i’ll leave you all with this.

    As much as you may want to sit back and relax, and be all safe inside your homes, the sad truth is.. Once this guy takes over, there is a HIGH chance you wont have a place to call a home. Treat it as if it were Augustus Giovanni. Rise up. Take back what’s yours. Hell, raise a fucking fist and march around, so long you take back Hellifyno, and keep this place safe for your self and the many generations to come- cause yes, even your children will be effected- we won’t have to deal with this shit again.

    And now, for Le’douche’. If you don’t back down, i’ll personally track your ass down and make your life a living hell. I’ve fought off worse than you and that damn army of yours. I’ve been through hell and back with Giovanni. So before you think i’m someone you can just ignore, and simply pass off as if i’m nothing… Then kid, you got another thing coming.

    I’ll have you on your knees begging for the pain to stop.

    So continue what your doing. Go right on ahead.

    Just keep in mind..

    You won’t come out alive.

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