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So.. A lot has gone down.

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      Hello, Hellifyno. Quite A bit has happened recently. Not sure if ya’ll can remember it, considering how me and a few others sort of had to go through time to fix it?

      So, something happened- I’m not sure what as I’ve sort of spent the time it was happening in a inter-dimensional hole of sorts- and all of Hellifyno sort of got time-fucked. So, after traveling around and going back in time, me, Kida Le Morte, Magicia of Paracosm, Kaler Eland, the sniper dude who’s name I can’t remember, along with several others all went to fix it. So.. There you go? I don’t have a whole lot of information on the deal, I was just simply back up and support. Oh, and also I took down a lot of those weird things in improvidence.

      Other than that, I’m afraid I don’t know much, only that everything’s back to normal. So.. You’re welcome?

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