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VIETNOW – Last Call For Those Who Can Hear It

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      Ahem I.. I don’t know if this is going to get out. I don’t know if there’s anyone left to listen. Me and my family have been held up in a bunker for who knows how long. To be quite honest, I’m tempted to evacuate. Jump ship. Head back to where I was dumped long ago. But, if anyone can hear this, I want you all to know it’s not all over yet. Sure, Hellifyno may be a goner. But at the very least, we can hold onto hope. Hope that we can find the world we used to live in again. Somehow get it back.. Someway, some how.

      However, this will be Vietnow’s last transmission. After this, I’m closing up shop until all this is over with. Everyone, have a good night. Good luck.

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