City of Valuntas (and home to Vietnow Radio)

Vietnow- Now City of Valuntas

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      Hello, ladies and gentlemen… As I lost a bet with my brother, I am now proudly announcing that Vietnow will now be known as Valuntas, and… It’s a city now! Yay…

      Alright, but seriously, we’re a city now. Just uh, hope you don’t mind some of the emptiness. All we have is a population of fourty, after all. But! What we do have is…

      One, a nice big city laid out entirely by my brother and will be real easy to get into.

      Two, and I don’t know how we have this but somehow Desmond managed it, but we got some rather neon-esque architecture, along with everything you can possibly need! Residential, market place, docks, hospitals, all the utilities you could need…

      Three, thanks to my own and Desmond’s work along with a small ritual from someone Desmond’s friends with, we now have a constantly regenerating barrier of physic energy around the place! No bombs will be dropped on OUR home turf.

      On the downside, we’re also situated about two hundred meters above ground. It’s a uh, massive floating island floating over the ocean. I hope you have the ability to fly. Or a boat and a really long ladder…

      So yeah, feel free to come on in. It’s cheap (for now), and cause why the hell not, it’s got free health care.

      Man I really need to stop making these pre-recorded messages at four in the morning…

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